Annual Deck Maintenance in Social Circle, GA; How to Maintain a Deck in Early Fall & More

Nothing is quite as beautiful in an outdoor living space than a deck in your backyard. However, these wooden structures spend every waking moment out in the elements. Over time, this starts to take a toll on the wood if the deck isn’t cared for and maintained properly. There are certain times throughout the year that deck maintenance should take place. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about the importance of deck maintenance and give you a timeline to keep your deck beautiful and protect it from the harsh elements.

Late Spring Deck Maintenance

The first thing that needs to be done in the late spring is a deep washing. There is a good amount of debris that accumulates throughout the winter months. You will need to remove any debris from the deck and have it professionally power washed. This needs to be done with the appropriate cleanser to avoid any mold and mildew. The next step in late spring maintenance is sealing your deck. This should be done only when your deck has had ample time to dry. Any moisture left on the deck will only leave your deck susceptible to mold damage. To start the sealing process, you will first need two days of dry weather. This can be tricky in the spring, but it is absolutely necessary. For best results, you should also replace any popped nails and do a light sanding prior to sealing.

Mid Summer Deck Maintenance

Each summer, you should give your deck a thorough inspection. Look for any areas that are damaged and in need of repair. Here are some of the things to keep your eye out for in the dry, hot summer months:
Inspect the Ledger: The ledger is the beam that attaches your deck to your house. Ledgers that have sustained damage account for 90% of all deck problems.
Check for Rotten Boards & Cracks: Just because your deck has cracks, doesn’t mean that it isn’t structurally sound. However, when you see cracks they should be inspected by a professional.
Check Joists & Beams: If you notice that there is rust or rot present on any joists or beams you should have it professionally repairs as soon as possible.
Inspect Railings: Your railing is an important safety feature and shouldn’t show any signs that it isn’t perfectly sound.

How to Maintain a Deck in Early Fall

If for any reason, you didn’t get your deck professionally cleaned and then stained and sealed in the spring, it needs to be done in the fall before winter hits. You don’t want to find yourself with even more damage to your deck because you didn’t perform the right maintenance. Cleaning and sealing your deck should be done when you are experiencing temperate weather.

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At Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, we provide professional deck cleaning that is guaranteed to prepare your deck for staining and sealing without causing damage. Don’t attempt to power wash it yourself and end up permanently damaging your deck. Call us today!

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