Commercial Property Liabilities in Jackson, GA; Power Washing to Prevent Slip & Fall Accidents

Pressure cleaning a commercial property doesn’t just help the business; it can also protect you. Pressure cleaning the outer property can help reduce accidents and/or injuries that can help save your business. There are a number of areas on commercial properties that can quickly become a liability. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning with share how our services can prevent accidents or injuries, and help protect both you and the public.

If Someone is Injured on Your Property, are you Liable

Premises liability is a property owner’s nightmare. Premise Liability is a set of legal obligations to the land or property owner. The owner is responsible for visitors or pedestrians that may suffer injury on their property. Premises liability holds both public and private land or property owners responsible if any accident or injury occurs on their property. Whether the property owner may or may not be at fault is determined on the property’s condition. One of the most common Premises Liability claims are “slip and fall” cases. Slip and fall cases happen every year which is why the property should be kept up and well maintained.

Exterior Areas Prone to Accidents or Injuries

It is obvious that a property owner will want to protect and prevent injuries and accidents. There are many areas of a commercial property that pressure washing can help aesthetically. However, today’s main concern is areas that are prone to causing injury or those “slip and fall” scenarios. Here are some of the most reported areas that are prone to accidents and should be kept cleaned at all times.
Walkways and Sidewalks: Areas with heavy foot traffic are obviously prone to accidents. Sidewalks or walkways are the most common areas for accidents. This is due to heavy traffic and the debris or pollutants left by visitors. Nature plays another major role. Algae and other similar substances are very slippery and can cause people to slip and lose their footing. Along with nature, visitors can leave behind debris that equally pose a tripping hazard. By having the walkway or sidewalks pressure cleaned, you will remove large debris and at the same time remove slippery substances such as algae.
Wheelchair Ramps: Visitors often will use wheelchair ramps and can leave behind debris. This becomes a major hazard for those with handicaps or who are in a wheelchair or scooter. Again, nature can also provide its fair share of contaminates such as moss and algae which poses a major problem especially for the handicapped. Wheelchair ramps should have detailed cleanings to provide safe access to all visitors including the handicapped. To avoid a premises injury involving a handicapped visitor, make sure the wheelchair ramps are cleaned in detailed.
Stairs: It seems stairs naturally pose a problem for many. Any debris that collects around the steps adds to the problem. Steps and handrails should be cleaned and free of debris and other elements such as algae, oil and grease that can accumulate around restaurants or gas stations. Having the stairs cleaned can provide visitors with safer conditions and hopefully prevent injury.

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As much as you want your commercial property clean and looking nice, you will want it safe too. When having your property pressure cleaned, don’t forget about these critical places prone for accidents or injuries. For all of your residential and commercial pressure cleaning needs, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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