Benefits of Soft Wash Roof Cleaning to Remove Black Algae Streaks, Mold, Dirt & Grime in Locust Grove, GA

When talking about the roof of your house, you might not think too much about it. You probably don’t realize how dirty it can get, because they are usually made from colors that blend well with dirt and grime. Sometimes your roof will start to show signs of algae or bacteria growth on it and the results can be unsightly. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about the benefits of soft washing your roof.

What Causes Black Streaks on Roof Shingles? Algae

You may have noticed that there are some black marks or streaks starting to appear on your roof. It almost looks like muddy water trickling down your roof, but when it rains, it doesn’t disappear. These unsightly marks are usually the result of algae growing on your roof. Even though there isn’t anything you can do to prevent these streaks from happening, they can thankfully be removed by soft wash roof cleaning.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Can Increase Home Value

When your roof is looking tattered and torn, it can hurt the curb appeal of your home. If you are thinking of selling your home, you don’t want buyers to look at your roof and question whether or not it needs to be replaced. Having your roof soft washed will give your home more curb appeal and can increase the overall value of your residence. Plus, you want your home to look more appealing to you, even if you have no intentions of selling.

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof with Soft Washing

When your roof is covered in algae and other dirt and debris it is unable to work the way it should. You want your roof to be able to reflect and displace heat like it is made to do. When it is covered with all that grime, it isn’t able to get rid of the heat, but will rather absorb it.

Having a Clean Roof has its Health Benefits

Anytime you have algae and even possibly mold anywhere on your home, you want it gone. Even though this isn’t on the interior of your home, the thought of it anywhere on the home isn’t appealing. Any chance of mold spreading to the interior of your home is every homeowner’s nightmare. Get rid of the possibility before it becomes a bigger problem.

Dangers of High Pressure Washing Roof Shingles

The biggest issue with high pressure washing your roof is damage. When your roof is cleaned with high pressure, it has the ability to strip the granules off your shingles and cause damage to the roof. If you have a chimney or skylights, it can hurt the seals around them as well. You will have much bigger problems than a dirty roof on your hands if you have your roof cleaned with high pressure rather than soft washing it!

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

If you want to get rid of the dark streaks on your roof, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning offers soft wash roof cleaning to get your roof looking brand new again. Call us today!

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