How to Remove Graffiti from Brick, Wood, Concrete, Metal, Glass & Garage Doors etc in Griffin, GA

Graffiti is a severe eyesore and it can lower property value greatly. It is an unfortunate part of today’s society and graffiti is a very common occurrence. You can’t just get some soapy water and scrub the graffiti with a sponge or scrub brush. It will take something a little more powerful than that. A pressure washer can remove graffiti with ease. You can either rent one or if you already own a pressure washer, you can remove the spray paint yourself. However, depending on how porous the surface the graffiti is on, it pays off to hire a professional and have them come and remove it for you. They not only have a good pressure washer that’s powerful enough to remove the graffiti, but they can also use an environmentally safe detergent to help dissolve the spray paint and remove it more efficiently. For those who want to take a hand and do it themselves, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share a few tips on how to remove graffiti with a pressure washer.

Power Washer PSI Chart Settings

First you will want to choose a high pressure setting as most pressure washers have adjustable settings. When it comes to removing graffiti you will want to adjust the pressure washer to a high setting. However don’t start at the highest setting or you could damage softer surfaces like wood or weak concrete or cinder blocks. It is recommended using the pressure setting of 3,000 PSI when removing graffiti. This setting is good for hard surfaces. If a wooden fence or siding of a home has been tagged by graffiti then start slightly lower.

Pressure Cleaning in Cold & Warm Weather

Next, choose the day to clean the graffiti carefully. Don’t work in too hot or too cold temperatures. A lot of spray paint removers don’t work well when it’s too cold or hot outside. Set the pressure to a high water flow. This is another setting on the pressure washer. For removing graffiti you will at least need a 3 to 5 gallons per minute water flow setting. Again, it’s best to start on the low side of either setting and gradually increase them as you need more power. You may want to use heat or steamed water to the pressure washer.
Hot water is known to strip paint more easily. Most pressure washers are designed to handle up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps break down grease, oil, and paint with more ease. Then you will want to choose the best cleaning agent. Depending on the tag surface; you will need to choose the right cleaning agent. Wood will need a much different cleaning solution than a concrete surface.

How to Pressure Wash a House or Other Surface

As you begin to clean the tagged area, start from the bottom and work your way up. Work with one section at a time. A section no bigger than the width of the spray from the pressure washer then work bottom to top and gradually move to the side. Do one section at a time. This method of cleaning helps prevent any extra stains from the paint to occur.

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It might seem a bit confusing when it comes to knowing what cleaning solution and what water or pressure setting is best to handle the tagged surface. You can always leave it to the professionals. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning can remove graffiti on any surface and get the job done quickly. If your home or business became a victim of vandalism, call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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