Benefits of Yearly Roof Cleaning in McDonough, GA; Remove Moss, Lichen, Algae, Bird Droppings & More

The roof is a major component of all homes. The roof withstands all of the elements outside including sun, wind, rain, and snow. Other elements that can impact the roof is leaves and pests. To ensure your roof stays healthy, rooftops should be pressure cleaned once a year. There are many benefits of having your roof cleaned. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share the benefits of maintaining a pressure cleaning of your roof.

Remove Roof Debris that Can Damage the Tar Seal

For shingle rooftops, most especially three-tab shingles, have a strip of tar like material. As dirt and debris gets underneath the shingles, combined with the summer heat, the tar weakens. This tar like material is essential as it helps to hold the shingles in place. If the tar becomes weakened. the shingles are at risk of coming off. Missing shingles often leads to roof leaks and weathering. It benefits shingle roofs to be professionally cleaned to ensure the health of the shingle roof.

How to Keep Leaves Out of Roof Valley

Many rooftops have sharp edges and angles where leaves will get trapped and begin to build up over time. Many believe that leaves that build up on the roof may be fairly harmless. However, leaves are actually very harmful to rooftops. When leaves build up on the roof, they trap in and hold moisture. Leaves often cause moss, lichens, moos and even cause roof leaks. When having the roof cleaned, leaves are removed before they can cause any major damage to the roof. Fall leaves often accumulate on the roof. Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure the roof stays clean throughout the year. For homes with a lot of trees in the yard, roof cleaning is often best before winter or in the first month of spring.

Basic Roof Maintenance

When you have your roof pressure cleaned you stay on top of repairs far better. When a roof is never cleaned, problems go unnoticed. When a roof is never cleaned the small repairs will never be discovered and over time small repairs become bigger ones. Roof repairs can become very costly and even lead to total roof replacement. To properly maintain a roof which helps the owner learn of its repair needs, one should have the roof pressure cleaned.

Removing Moss, Lichen, Algae & Bird Droppings from Roof

Roofs that develop moss, lichens, algae, or piles of bird droppings are at risk of premature decay and leaks. Foreign substances such as moss, lichens, or bird droppings can cause erosion of tile and shingle roofs. Replacing roofing tile is very expensive and takes several days to complete. To extend the life of the roof tile and prevent further damage, it is important to keep foreign substances off your roof. Professional pressure cleaning can remove and kill moss, lichens and algae as well as deep cleaning tile that has been affected with bird droppings.

Cleaner Looking Home

Another benefit of pressure cleaning is a clean roof that enhances the home’s beauty. When a roof is covered in dirt, leaves, and other substances, the roof looks terrible which impacts the entire look of the home. To have a cleaner looking home, roof cleaning will help.

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