Common Gutter Problems in Covington, GA; How Often Should You Clean & Unclog Your Gutters & Downspouts

We here at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning hear this same question all the time. How often should I clean my gutters? In answer, we tell you that you should clean them at least four times a year. Think of it with the change of the seasons. Each season brings it own unique set of problems. This is why you will want to create a schedule to have your gutters cleaned every quarter. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will go over some reasons why you need to routinely clean your gutter, some method and repairs.

Need to Unclog Your Gutters & Downspouts

If you don’t clean your gutters, the first problem to crop up will be clogged gutters and downspouts leading to standing water which will collect in your gutters and overflow. As dead leaves decompose, the water in your gutters will become filthy and mold will start growing. In the more moist and humid climates mold becomes a problem when there is standing water in gutters. This mold can lead to some serious health problems.

Leaks & Holes in Gutter Tracks

If gutters are left unchecked, clogs and blockages can create leaks in the gutter tracks. Slow constant water leaking can cause damage to your home both in and outside. You will eventually need to repair the damage to your home and replace your gutter systems. This is why you need to clean your gutters. It’s a good rule of thumb to clean your gutter with the change of the seasons. However it is also something you should monitor. If you find your gutters may need more cleaning then four times a year, be sure to clean as needed. Each home’s gutters are unique. How many trees are in the surrounding area? Do you have a lot of wildlife and most especially birds? All of these elements will dictate how often your gutters will need cleaning.

Helpful Tips on the Best Way to Clean Gutters

Cleaning out gutters isn’t too difficult, but it can be a rather a messy job. The tried and true method of cleaning gutters by hand is most effective, but a high pressure hose can help clear out clogs in your downspouts. Here are a few tips to make the job easier, safer, and more effective. Wear proper gutter cleaning protection. Wear work gloves and eye protection for your safety. Don’t just toss the gunk in your gutters on the ground! Put it in a garbage can or bag to be composted or thrown away. Leaving it on the ground can attract insects and other unwanted pests. Seal any leaks you find. Use a high-quality sealant and make sure you give it plenty of time to cure or dry. Pay extra attention to mold. A diluted solution of bleach and water in a spray bottle can be used to clean any mold you come across. Most importantly, be safe. Whenever you’re working on a ladder or on your roof, there’s a chance of injury. Have someone help you, don’t overdo, and don’t do anything where you feel unsafe.

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Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has been pressure washing gutters for years and we have a great deal or experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information on how to pressure clean your gutter. If you don’t feel like climbing ladders all day or don’t have the time, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here for you. Contact us for all your pressure washing needs!

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