Soft Wash Cleaning VS High Pressure Washing in Fayetteville, GA; Chemicals, Equipment & Methods

There are many misconceptions about pressure washing. Many think of a high pressure hose that cleans deep into the surface of your desired project but also can create damage to older or softer material. Well yes and yes, however there are many forms of pressure washing that many don’t realize. You have your regular pressure wash then you have your soft wash that is ideal for cleaning more delicate areas like roofs. Both have their own design and purpose. We here at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to take the time to explain the differences between the two and how each have their own benefits and uses.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Essentially, soft washing and pressure washing is the same thing. They are both done by a pressure washing company and use the pressure washing machines. Soft washing is when the same pressure washer is used, but specific cleaning chemicals and a special low pressure nozzle is attached onto the end of the pressure washer’s gun or wand. This is still an effective way to remove biological element such as molds, algae, fungus, moss, dirt and pollen. The soft wash doesn’t harm paint, softer materials, or your plants. When you hire a pressure washing company they usually will start with a soft wash first and only crank up the PSI (pound per square inch) on a pressure washer if needed. Soft washing can be used for decks, patios, for homes both external and internal, fences and walls.

High Pressure Washing for Stubborn Stain & Graffiti Removal

Now regular pressure washing definitely has its place. Even though it is still a pressure washer doing the job, it has its own purpose. A pressure washer machine can hold diluted cleaning agents that can assist with many circumstances. A high pressure wash is best used on concrete pavement or block walls. Hard surfaces like garage floors that have had paint or oil spills will need more pressure than wooden or vinyl surfaces that have more elemental growth. Block walls develop calcium deposits and other elements from long term exposure that will also need more of a regular or high pressure washing than decks, and house sidings, etc. Another great use for a high pressure wash is to remove the paint on the siding of homes, decks and patios. You also will want to do a good pressure wash in the event of renovating or restoration projects. You can clean woods, house siding and walls before you repaint or finish those projects.

Exterior Surface Pressure Washing, Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & More McDonough. Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

When it comes to soft washing or regular pressure washing, it is best to leave it to the professionals. They require a lot of experience with different jobs. They will know which one is best suited for the job at hand. Pressure washing is an all around cleaning tool that can be used on any residential or commercial job and projects. It’s a great tool for deep cleaning and revitalizing your home or business. If you are in need of an expert pressure washing team to improve your home or business, or assist you in any future projects, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning can help you with all of your needs. From roof cleaning, interior and exterior cleaning, deck, patio, walls, gutters and so much more. We are here to assist you.

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