Common Pressure Washing Concerns in Porterdale, GA; Preparation Needed, Property Damage & More

When homeowners or commercial property owners seek out professional pressure cleaning services, many have questions and concerns regarding those services. Some people worry about the different cleaning chemicals or if pressure cleaning will cause damage. For the concerned customer, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to help answer these common questions and concerns, along with sharing how pressure cleaning can greatly benefit their home and property.

Will the Chemicals Used in Power Washers Hurt My Lawn & Plants?

This is a common question and many share this concern. Depending on the surface and the material that is requested to be cleaned, cleaning chemicals can vary. In some cases, no chemicals are needed while other times, some chemicals are required to treat a certain contaminate such as mold, mildew, and moss. Most cleaning chemicals used contain bleach, which kills mold, algae, and other similar contaminates. When chemicals are needed, it is diluted with water in the pressure cleaner tank. Due to the dilution, the chemicals shouldn’t harm plants or grass. However, as a precaution you or the pressure cleaning service should pre-wet the site with plain water. By wetting the plants it can help protect them from the chemicals.

Can Power Washing Damage My Home’s Siding, Roofing or Wood?

When people seek out pressure cleaning services, they often read or hear about the danger and damages that can occur. Yes, improper pressure cleaning can easily lead to damages to any surface. However, a professional technician knows how to safely clean all the different surfaces. Additionally, a pressure cleaning service can also look at the surface condition and see if less force is needed. In many situations, a “soft wash” is used versus an actual pressure wash, which is similar but uses far less force. A professional service is trained and taught what force or pressure is needed for all the different types of surfaces, along with proper pressure cleaning techniques. When using a professional pressure cleaning service, you can be assured your home or property is safe and won’t be damaged.

Do I Need to Remove Furniture or Clean Up Before Pressure Washing Services?

Some homeowners and commercial property owners may have heavy yard furniture or pots. During pressure cleaning it is often requested that fragile items be removed from the cleaning site to prevent unforeseen damages. However, it is not expected for homeowners or commercial owners to remove large or heavy items. In many cases, a pressure cleaning service can clean around most items and objects outside. If the homeowner is concerned about furniture or a feature in their yard that can’t be moved, it can be covered with a tarp or other protection if needed.

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Be sure to always share any concerns with a professional pressure cleaning service upon hiring their services. When needing your home or other property features deep cleaned, seek professional pressure cleaning services. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning provides professional and quality services and can help put your concern to rest. For pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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