Best Cleaner Solution to Remove Mold on Vinyl Siding in Oxford, GA; Professional Pressure Washer Cleaning

Vinyl siding is growing every day in popularity due to its low cost and durability. Additionally, vinyl siding can be easily cleaned using the right methods and can last for 20 years or longer with proper care. For those who have invested in vinyl siding for their homes and find they need a good cleaning, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how to pressure clean vinyl siding and tell you why it is so effective a method.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Solution

Like any exterior material, vinyl siding is prone to developing dirt, algae, mold, mildew, dead insects, spider webs and more. Vinyl siding needs to be cleaned as it develops various contaminants. Pressure cleaning is one of the best ways to clean vinyl. However, pressure cleaning vinyl can be risky for those who are unfamiliar with pressure washing. When pressure cleaning vinyl, it needs a soft pressure wash which uses a lower setting, such as in lower pressure and water flow. Another important aspect of pressure cleaning vinyl siding is knowing the proper distances and angles. When pressure cleaning vinyl siding, you want to stand about eight feet away and always push the dirt and contaminants down toward the ground. Lastly, it is important to use a general-purpose cleaner if there is mold or other contaminants found on the siding. For those not experienced with pressure cleaning, it is often recommended that you seek the services of a quality pressure cleaning services.

Vinyl Siding Power Washing FAQS

When cleaning vinyl siding there are often many questions or problems that many people run into when cleaning their own siding such as:
– Does white wine vinegar work on mold? There are those who like to use more natural cleaners versus chemical based cleaners. It is often asked if white vinegar can replace the chemical based cleaner for removing mold and other stains. In short yes, vinegar can be used. However, the vinegar can kill grass and other vegetation around the cleaning site.
– How to clean tall or high vinyl siding? Many homes have half siding walls or full vinyl siding. To properly clean vinyl siding that is high and hard to reach, use an extension wand and a soft bristled brush. Another option is to use a ladder. However, this is discouraged as it become hazardous.
– Can algae be prevented? Many people wonder if there is a way to completely prevent algae from growing on the home and siding. Due to our climate, algae will thrive in damp and sunless areas. To prevent algae from thriving, you will want to clean the siding once a year to prevent major growth and keep algae and other contaminants in-check.
– How to clean rust stains? When cleaning rust stains, often a simple cleaner is needed and not always a full, complete pressure cleaning. In most cases, the rust stain will come off during pressure cleaning. However, for maintenance cleaning, rust will come off with a basic cleaner such as Windex, Fantastik, or Murphy Oil Soap.

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