Dangers of DIY Power Washing in Covington, GA; Property Damage, Skin Burn Injuries & More

When speaking of outdoor surfaces, they can be difficult to keep clean. The allure of having them squeaky clean with the use of a pressure washer captures homeowners everywhere. In fact, many homeowners have heard that they can simply rent a pressure washer from their local hardware store and get even the toughest stains off many outdoor surfaces. However, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to warn homeowners of the many dangers that come with pressure cleaning without any previous training.

Risks Involved During DIY Pressure Cleaning

There are several risks involved when talking about DIY pressure cleaning to both you and your property. Following are some of the main reasons you should think twice if you have never done it before.
– Physical Injury from DIY Pressure Washing: If you haven’t dealt with a pressure washer before, it may seem like they are harmless. However, water can do a great deal of damage when it is shooting out the end of a nozzle at a very high PSI. You can cause injury to hands, feet and other body parts if you aren’t careful when handling a pressure washer.
– Electric Shock During DIY Power Washing: Anytime you are mixing water and electricity together it can be dangerous. This is compounded when you aren’t familiar with handling the equipment. You will need both power and water to get a pressure washer working which carries with it these inherent dangers.
– Damage to Surfaces from DIY Exterior Cleaning: Did you know that even concrete can be damaged by too much pressure while pressure cleaning. In fact, you can permanently etch the surface of concrete if you aren’t careful. This is why surfaces like roofs, decks and sidewalks can have permanent damage when you don’t know what you’re doing and decide to use a pressure washer.
– Roof & Window Damage from DIY Pressure Cleaning: It is tempting to use a pressure washer on windows and on your roof. While these surfaces can usually handle it, it is important that you know what you’re doing. Roofs need to be cleaned using a soft wash and older windows often can’t handle the pressure that is involved with pressure cleaning.
– Strong Chemicals Used During DIY Cleaning of Outside Surfaces: One thing that is especially dangerous is the fact that many people try to use the same chemicals that professionals use without having any knowledge as to how to use them safely. If you are planning to use any cleaners, make sure you know what you’re doing so that they are used in a safe manner.

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If you need to have any outdoor surfaces cleaned and don’t know how to safely do it on your own, you can call on the professionals at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for help. We have the training and experience to clean even the toughest stains off of the softest outdoor surfaces. You can count on us to give your home that curb appeal that you have looking for with our cleaning services. Call us today!

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