DIY Gutter Cleaning with a Ladder VS Professional Pressure Washer with an Extended Reach Wand Cleaner in Conyers, GA

Gutters are designed to provide a runoff for the rain and water that falls on your roof. In order for the gutters to work properly they must be cleaned of fallen leaves and other debris that may have fallen inside of them. If gutters are not properly cleaned and maintained, they will eventually corrode and even start to de-attach from the side of the roof. In turn, this will cause cosmetic and structural damage. This is why, as you do your gutter cleaning you should inspect for signs that your gutters are in need of repair or even replacement. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share a few tips on how to clean your gutters and look for signs of damage and any needed repair.

How to Clean Gutters from the Ground with a Ladder

After a lot of rain, you might notice that your gutters appear packed or that the water is running off in the wrong areas. This is a clear sign you need to clean your gutters. For those who are comfortable on a ladder, proceed with the following steps to clean your gutter. However be aware of the risks of falling so please proceed with caution. Start by using a small gardening shovel to scoop out any of the loose leaves and debris that might have blown inside the gutters. You might be surprised as to what you may find inside them. Start by the drain of the gutter system and work your way out. You will find it easier to put the debris in a bucket or a garbage bag as you clean out the gutter. Next use a hose to clean out the gutters. You might find using a nozzle that produces a high pressure will help remove much of the dirt, mud, and decayed leaves that settled in your gutters. There might be a clog in the drain pipe if the water doesn’t flow freely. That means the clog will need to be cleared as well. A toilet snake does a great job in loosening and clearing out leaves and other debris that might be inside the drain.

Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner

Professional pressure washing is a much safer alternative than going the DIY route. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning uses a pressure washer with a gutter wand (hook-like curved attachment) to blast away all the accumulated debris in your gutters. We can simply walk around the perimeter of your house and spray the inside of your gutters from the ground without the need for ladders that pose a risk of falling and damage to your gutters and home. We have the knowledge and experience to use just the right pressure too. It’s much safer and easier for us to get the job done for you!

How Often to Clean Gutters?

You should clean your gutter in the spring and fall to keep up on maintenance so they are clear and able to flow the rain water away from your home. While you’re cleaning your gutters, check for any needed repairs or maintenance they might require. If you notice the water has been running off the side of the gutters and onto the siding of the house, your gutters might have become loose and are stripping away from the sides of the roof. This doesn’t just pose a problem with the side of your home, but also your roof. You should reattach and realign the gutter so that the water flows correctly. Another challenge with gutters is the rust. Rust often eats away at metal gutters creating weakness or holes for the water to run out of. This in turn will pour down the side of your home. You will either need to replace the section that has rusted or if it is minor you can sand and reseal the rusted areas to extend the life of the gutter.

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Big Moose Pressure Cleaning knows that it can be hard to find the time or even have the ability to climb up and down ladders to clean out your gutters. We can provide gutter cleaning services and help repair any damage done to them as well. If you need assistance cleaning your gutters and maintaining them, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today. We will have your gutters cleaned, repaired and functioning properly.

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