Residential Pressure Washing in Zebulon, GA; Can You Power Wash Painted Wood & Other Exterior Surfaces?

The interior of homes are not the only area that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Just as the kitchen floor needs a good mopping, or the dust on the walls need to be periodically wiped down, so do the surfaces found on the exterior of your home. Where it would be no easy feat to take a bucket and rag and clear off compacted dirt, mud, and other foreign particles, taking advantage of professional pressure washing services can effectively remove the grit safely, giving the home’s exterior the ultimate level of clean. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to expound on residential exterior pressure washing for your home.

Can You Pressure Wash Painted Wood & Other Surfaces?

Pressure washing, or sometimes referred to as power washing is a cleaning service that utilizes pressurized water spraying equipment in conjunction with any needed prescribed cleaners to remove mold, dirt, loose paint, chewing gum, solvents, and other such blemishes from the surfaces of buildings, structures and vehicles. Homeowners can take advantage of pressure washing services to clean many of the surfaces found on the exterior of their homes. Surfaces often cleaned on the home include the following examples:
– Siding
– Rooftops
– Driveways
– Decks
– Patios
– Pool Decks
– Spa Decks
– Walls
– Fencing
– And More

DIY VS Professional Pressure Washer Service

Surfaces comprised of concrete, brick, wood, stucco, vinyl, and other such materials can be easily cleaned with power washing. Experts are trained to understand the amount of pressure, the temperature of water, optimal cleaning solutions, and proper application to ensure these surfaces are thoroughly cleaned without damage being inflicted on them. Those who are untrained can potentially cause damage to the surfaces, to ensure your home is being cleaned, trust in a pro.

What Stains Will a Power Washer Remove?

Such contaminates that can be easily removed with the use of power washing can include, but not limited to the following:
– Dirt
– Mud
– Mold
– Mildew
– Grease
– Oil
– Chewed Gum
– Pollution Residues
– Bird or other Wildlife Droppings
– Loose Paint
– Saw Dust
– And so on

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & Power Washing

Preparation Before Painting – There many circumstances that can require a pressure cleaning service. If you are repainting your fence, wall, or the side of your home, getting a pressure cleaning before the application of paint can remove the loose paint, sanded areas, dirt, and even mold that may have accumulated to ensure your paint goes on evenly.
Deck Cleaning – Likewise decks will often need refinishing or even just a deep cleaning following the long winters. Whether you are looking to refinish or make light work out of removing the debris, pressure washing is ideal to get the deck clean and clear of particles and contaminates.
Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Siding – Rooftops and siding withstand extreme weather conditions, are abused by pests, and can even be victimized my childhood antics. Taking advantage of a pressure washing once a year or if needed, more often, can keep the paint vibrant and the materials in optimal condition. Extreme rain, humid conditions, and pest waste can expedite the deterioration of structure; by removing it, you can expand the lifespan.
Exterior Driveway Cleaning – Driveways can experience their fair share of filth, between dirt and debris as well as grease and oil; pressure washing can get those ugly stains out and rejuvenate the overall appearance of your home.

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