DIY Power Washing Can Lead to Vinyl Siding & Other Property Damage in Fayetteville, GA

Looking for a fast and efficient way to clean the exterior surfaces of homes, some owners are using rental pressure washers. Unfortunately, what untrained consumers do not realize is that the different surfaces require different techniques, equipment and cleaning detergents. As a result, damage and other problems often ensue as a result. With that in mind, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to talk more about the DIY pressure cleaning mistakes most commonly made.

DIY VS Professional Pressure Cleaning

When it comes to pressure cleaning, it has its many benefits, the list is virtually endless. With the demand for pressure washing being great, most homeowners are investing in professional services to get the exterior surfaces at the highest level of clean. However, there are a few homeowners who are taking on the task whether because they think it saves cash or perhaps they prefer to do the job themselves as a sense of ownership. Whatever the reasons may be, opting to tackle pressure washing themselves, often leaves issues and damage behind instead of sanitation and stain free surfaces.

DIY Power Washing Mistakes that Can Lead to Property Damage

Pressure washing techniques is part science and part skills as well as experience to execute safely. Below we have compiled the mistakes that are often made when DIY pressure cleaning tasks lack the three essentials.
1) Excessive Pressure. By far the most common mistake applied when it comes to the do-it-yourself pressure washing projects, are inexperienced people tending to incorporate too much pressure. Many first-time attempts will result in carving strips out of wood decking, or etching lines into the home’s siding because it is easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water. The different types of materials; wood, concrete, glass, and so on, all require specific measurements of pressure. Professionals are trained to perform the service using the correct pressure settings on the different types of surfaces without causing damage.
2) Concentrated Water. Too many times we hear people using straight water in their washers. Your cleaning effectiveness will be significantly reduced without the proper ratio of cleaning solution mixed in the water and probably lead you to apply too much pressure to make up for lost power. Not only will the cleaning be ineffective, but water only in the washers can actually produce mold spores instead of clearing them away. If the extra damage and mold manifest, the repairs can be costly.
3) Improper Cleaning Procedure. Cleaning out of order will essentially make your cleaning effort worthless, so that the cost of your rental is paid for nothing, though not nearly as damaging or permanent a problem. You will end up bathing your sparkling windows in dirt and grimy residue if you clean your windows first and then try to pressure wash them afterwards. To ensure the pressure washing service reaches optimal results, professionals execute them in accordance to proper procedures.

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