Dustless Sandblasting Paint & Rust from Concrete Patios, Driveways & Walls in Barnesville, GA

Are you in the market to increase the overall appeal and value of your property? If you own a home or commercial business in Greater McDonough, Georgia; your answer should be yes! Real estate values are on the increase and what better way to stay ahead of the game than by making sure your property is maintained with a professional pressure cleaning service to take care of the exterior of your home and driveway. When it comes to pressure cleaning, don’t stop at cleaning your siding and roof. Instead, consider giving your concrete patios, walkways and driveways a fresh lease on life with concrete floor restoration services. Dustless sandblasting can take a dull, lackluster concrete floor or wall which is covered in peeled paint, rust spots and other debris and restore it to its original finish!

What is Dustless Sandblasting?

Dustless sandblasting for concrete is a procedure that is used to clean and remove paint and rust from concrete floors and walls. The process uses water and a specialized abrasive such as beads of glass to strip any paint and clean the surface until it looks just like new. There are many benefits to dustless blasting to restore concrete including speed, convenience, and cost effectiveness. Unlike other methods of concrete restoration, dustless blasting will not cause any damage to your concrete. Dustless sandblasting can also effectively remove oil stains, tar, gum and other debris commonly found on floors, pavements, walls and commercial storefronts to name a few. If you have ever tried to remove paint or other stains from your concrete floors or walls yourself using a sander, then you already know how hard the process can be. Not only is it back breaking work, it is also messy especially when you consider the dust from the floor which settles over everything including you.

Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting Restoration

• Safe on all surfaces including wood, metal, bricks, concrete and more
• The process is dust free and can be used practically anywhere
• Fast and effective with no sanding or grinding
Dustless sandblasting can be used to restore building exteriors, swimming pools, wood decks, driveways and sidewalks, masonry and wrought iron fence cleaning, paint and graffiti removal and much more!

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