DIY Pressure Washer Dangers in Forest Park, GA; Mildew, Vinyl Etching Problems, Skin Burns & More

It is tempting for homeowners to head to their local hardware store to rent or buy a pressure washer when they are preparing to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of their home or are simply looking to remove mildew that grows in hard to reach places. The only thing you should DIY is to pick up the phone and call a professional because pressure washing is one project that is better left to those who know what they are doing! Without the proper experience pressure washing can do more harm than good and result in permanent damage to a home’s exterior and even injury to yourself or those nearby. Someone trying to pressure wash can really cause problems down the line and we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share why DIY pressure cleaning is a poor choice.

DIY Pressure Cleaning Can Make Mildew on House Worse

Where pressure washing is ideally used to remove mildew, when not done correctly, the mildew issue can actually intensify. If the power washer’s pressure output is too high, water can end up on the wrong side of a home’s lap siding. Without tearing the siding off, mold and mildew on plywood behind the siding that can’t be removed leads. A costly siding replacement job can be the end result of a simple DIY pressure washing project.

DIY Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Etching & Other Problems

Because the power of the machines allows for a deep, quick clean in hard to reach places, pressure washing is an excellent option for cleaning vinyl siding. To clean siding three stories off of the ground, some machines are even equipped with nozzles that enable them. Visible damage to vinyl siding can occur at too close a range from these extremely high pressures.

Can DIY Power Washing Damage Windows?

Some skill and accuracy are required from the high-power operation of a pressure washer. Incidentally, aiming the nozzle at their windows by someone inexperienced in pressure washing can cause serious damage. The air and water are kept from entering the home by a seal around the windows, with poor water pressure techniques that can tear window screens and damage window seals. By hiring a professional pressure washing service, you can avoid costly repairs.

Pressure Washer Skin Burn & Other Water Jetting Injuries

Not only can DIY pressure washing can lead to unwanted property damage, but there are other and even greater concern that comes with DIY pressure washing. Due to pressure washing related incidents, according to a Consumer Reports article, 6,057 people were sent to the emergency room in 2014. Pressure washing can result in a number of other dangers such as skin burns, wounds, electrical shocks, lead-paint exposure, and ladder fall incidents among others.

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To avoid these issues among others, it is important to let the professionals do their work and allow them to ensure efficient pressure cleaning services without the harm of damage. With the assistance of qualified professionals that have the experience, advanced equipment, and premium products, you not only serious damage, but you also have high-quality pressure cleaning results. Call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for all of your pressure cleaning needs and let our professionals take care of you.

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