Solution for How to Clean & Pressure Wash the Gutters & Soffits on Your Home in Morrow, GA

It is that time of year again where many homeowners are preparing their home for the upcoming winter season. Along with the fall season comes a number of concerns, one being the health of the home’s roof. It is essential to prepare the roof by making sure the gutters and soffits are cleaned. As the regions in Georgia can vary during the winter, snowfall may or may not be a major problem where you live. However, Georgia winters do get cold and have freezing rains. Therefore, it is important that the gutters and soffits are properly cleaned to prevent roof damage. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how to properly clean gutters and soffits.

Soffit Cleaning

The soffits are the overhanging ceiling part of the roof. The soffits are prone to stains as well as moss and mold. To remove any water stains a detergent is often used. To make sure the detergent doesn’t damage any surrounding foliage, it is important to wet the area down with straight water. Wetting the site can be done with a low pressure nozzle or with a garden hose. Once the areas have been wet down, the soffits can be cleaned. Afterward, the detergent is mixed in the pressure cleaning tank. Depending on the stain or substance needing cleaning, the type of detergent will vary. When cleaning the soffits, one must also apply the detergent around the outside of the gutters to clean the exterior. When applying the detergent it is important not to stand directly underneath the soffits but more to the side to prevent contact. Allow the detergent to step on the soffit’s surface for a few minutes before rinsing. When rinsing the detergent, plain clean water should be used.

How to Clean Gutters with Pressure Washer

Cleaning the gutters is far easier with pressure cleaning than having to climb ladders to reach inside the tracks. Pressure cleaning machines have a unique nozzle attachment that extends up and curves inwards. When cleaning inside the gutter, often all that is needed is just plain water. The force from the pressure cleaner machine is often is all that is needed to remove leaves and dirt. However, if there is mold or algae present, a detergent can be used to remove them and prevent future growth or development during the winter. When cleaning out the gutter it is important to use the right nozzle as well as the right angle. If the wrong angle is used the debris can be pushed around and blown back toward the section of the gutter that was already cleaned. The angle needs to be such that it is constantly pushing the debris out of the gutters and down the drainpipe. It is important to clean the gutter in small sections so as not to clog the drainpipe or downspouts.

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Clean gutters will ensure the rain doesn’t puddle on the roof or lead to severe water damages. If you need help having your home’s gutter, soffits or anything else in your environment pressure cleaned, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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