Do You Need Chemicals to Power Wash in Bonanza, GA? Sodium Hydroxide Cleans & Dissolves Grease & More

When you’re getting ready to have any part of your property cleaned via a pressure washer, it is only natural to wonder what type of impact that is going to have on the environment and the landscape around you. There are several different types of cleaners used in pressure cleaning. Depending on the surface that is getting cleaned, different chemicals will be used to achieve the best results possible. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about some of those cleaners and what they would be used for.

Different Chemicals Used for Pressure Cleaning

Following is a list of all the different chemicals that are used for various types of cleaning.
– Sodium Hydroxide (lye): Sometimes lye gets a bad rap. What many people fail to understand is that there are many household cleaners in your house that more than likely have this ingredient in them. It is often an ingredient found in the soap that many people use every day. It is incredibly good at removing grease and can be used on glass, metal and several other surfaces.
– Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach): If bleach is ever used during pressure cleaning, it is always done so using small amounts. This needs to be extremely diluted so that it doesn’t cause damage to surrounding surfaces. Usually, this is used when there are concerns about mold and mildew growth as bleach has the ability to kill mold spores. It also works to prevent future mold spores.
– Ammonia: If there are glass surfaces or stainless steel surfaces that need to be cleaned, ammonia is often used. This isn’t usually the first choice in pressure cleaning, but it can still be effective.
– Citric Acid: Citric acid is a cleaner than can be sued to clean multiple types of surfaces. It is often the chemical of choice for DIY pressure cleaners. It is a safer option for cleaning stains of concrete, decking, fencing and more.
– Oxalic Acid: When you hire professional pressure washers to clean your property, they will likely choose one of the other options listed above to get the job done and wrap up their work oxalic acid. If there are any deep stains left behind after the initial pressure washing process, this chemical is used to remove them.

Professional Pressure Cleaning is Safe!

All of these chemicals listed above may leave homeowners wondering how safe pressure cleaning is. When you hire professional pressure cleaners to clean up your property, you can rest assured knowing that it is a safe process. They are highly trained and know exactly what is needed to help improve the exterior of your home and your property.

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