How Do You Revive Old, Weathered Decking to Look New Again in Jackson, GA? Annual Deck Cleaning & More

If you have a wooden deck, you know that it takes a certain amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition. It is important that you keep up with maintaining it, or the wood can become damaged and run the risk of rotting out. If your deck is looking less than great, it may be time to restore it and make it look like new again. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about what you need to do to restore an old deck.

How Do You Make Weathered Wood Decking Look New Again?

Having a wooden deck in your backyard is a luxury that not everyone has. That is why you want to take care of it. If your deck has been neglected, have no fear, you can still restore it and get it in good shape again. Following are the steps you need to follow.
– Deck Repairs: If your deck is old and needs to be restored, there are likely going to be repairs that you will need to make. This may include replacing nails that have rotten out or even replacing planks all together. Pay close attention to the parts of your deck that make contact with the ground like the stingers, posts or joists.
– Deck Cleaning: To keep your deck in good condition, it should be cleaned at least once a year. To do this, you need to make sure you have deck cleaner than won’t cause any damage to your deck’s surface. If there are stains found on the deck, you may need to turn to professionals to remove them using a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer on your own can lead to damaged wood.
– Deck Staining: It is important to have a protective finish on your deck’s surface. You will want to stain it and seal it to keep it protected from the elements. Some stains will have a sealer built into it which can be helpful. Before any stain is applied to the deck’s surface, you need to make sure the wood is completely dried after the cleaning process. If it isn’t, it can lead to mold and mildew problems.
– Deck Railing: You may or may not have to redo the railing on your deck. If there are obvious signs of rot on the railing, it may need to be replaced completely. If it has been more than 5-7 years since you last stained it, you will more than likely have to stain it as well.

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If you’re ready to restore you deck, you can turn to Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to ensure the surface of your deck is completely clean and ready for stain and sealer. We will be able to remove even the toughest stains as we work to prep your deck for that final step in restoration. You can rely on us to clean your deck without running the risk of damaging it. Call us today!

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