Graffiti Removal from Your Jonesboro, GA Home or Business; Best Nozzle for Spray Gun & More

You can find graffiti anywhere in any city. You can find graffiti on the walls, bridges, on the sides of buildings and even on homes. Both residential and commercial properties become the victim of tagging or graffiti which can have a major impact on the neighborhood and commercial value. When removing graffiti, the frequently used option is to paint over it. However, more often than not, the paint used never matches the rest of the surface. However another option that doesn’t require painting over the graffiti is to remove the spray paint with pressure washing. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how graffiti is removed quickly and effectively without the need of paint.

Graffiti Remover

Removing graffiti with pressure cleaning services is much faster than most people realize. Pressure cleaning graffiti off the surface can be done without the use of chemicals. It is removed simply with water and power. The surface may determine if a cleaning solution, such as a graffiti remover, will be needed. For example, softer surfaces may need cleaning solutions versus harder surfaces since more power or pressure can be used. Wooden surfaces are soft and many of them have grooves due to the wood’s grain. Spray paint can get deep in the grooves of the wood and therefore, requires a little bit of assistance while removing the paint without damaging the wood’s surface. Harder surfaces, such as concrete walls, even though they are very porous in nature, a high-pressure setting can be used to remove the spray paint without the need of cleaning solvents. Graffiti removers, if needed, is applied to the surface first. The remover must sit on the graffiti for a few minutes to break up the paint compounds. Afterward, the graffiti is washed off.

Best Nozzle for Pressure Washer Spray Gun

When removing graffiti, it is important to know what setting and which nozzle to use on the different surfaces. A gentle low pressure spray nozzle is used often first on any surface which is a test to see if more power is needed. If more power is needed, often a gentle high-power nozzle, which increases the force, is used. It is important to gradually increase the pressure on any surface to prevent damages. If even more power is needed and the surface is hard enough, such as masonry or brick, then a turbo nozzle can be used.

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There are many benefits of using pressure cleaning versus painting when it comes to graffiti. As paint sits outside in the sun the color dulls over time. Even when using the exact same paint, the color will never match properly, which as a result requires the entire building or area to be repainted. However, it is a much simpler solution to remove the graffiti versus painting over it. Another benefit is that it is rather fast. Pressure cleaning to remove graffiti can take only a few minutes and for businesses, time is money. The graffiti can be removed during off hours. Additionally, you can have the surrounding area cleaned at the same time. You can have your property cleaned and the graffiti removed with the same phone call. If you have graffiti or simply require pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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