Pressure Washing Wood Fence to Restore, or Before Staining or Painting in Tyrone, GA

Wooden fences are greatly used to separate yards and to shelter our pets when they are outdoors. Wooden fences have a great look and can last for a long time with proper care. Wood fences need to be kept cleaned and every few years repainted or stained to extend the life of the wood. Keeping wood fences clean can be a major challenge as they have deep grains that can capture dirt and house mold, mildew and fungus. One of the most efficient methods of cleaning wooden fences is with a pressure cleaner. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share a few tips on pressure cleaning wood fences and the benefits of seeking professional pressure cleaning services. When cleaning wooden fences, pressure cleaning is often the best choice. The power can clean dirt, mold, mildew and oils from out of the grain and grooves in the wood. In some cases, only water is needed, unless mold and other microbes need to be treated. When the wooden fencing requires cleaning, it is always recommended to seek professional services. There are many reasons and benefits of using a professional pressure cleaning service.

Professional Pressure Washer Fence Surface Cleaners

First, professional pressure cleaners have all of the tools and cleaning agents needed to clean any surface and what may be affecting them. There is also a lot of training involved with pressure cleaning. It is important to know the correct pressure setting to use for each surface and its condition. Additionally, there are a number of nozzles that are used for different tasks. There is safety training involved alongside proper use of a pressure machine to ensure no surface is damaged. However, there are those who like doing their own pressure cleaning. When doing your own pressure cleaning, following are a few help tips to ensure better success.

Renting or Buying a Pressure Washer

If you need to buy or rent a pressure washer for the first time, it is recommended that you look for an electric model. Those that run off of a power cord and outlets have additional safety measures. Additionally you will need a very long extension cord to clean the total length of the fence which can be a challenge. When determining power needs, it is good to get a pressure washer with high PSI and GPM as they often perform the best and provide more than enough power and adjustment settings to clean wooden fences.

Pressure Washer Preparation & Safety

Before you jump into pressure cleaning the fence there are a few preparation steps and safety considerations first. The soap, if needed, can kill grass and surrounding vegetation. You can either cover them with a plastic sheet or pre-wet the area with clean water first. Make sure kids, pets and fragile items are away from the cleaning zone. Always wear eye protection as well as strong shoes, heavy pants, long sleeved shirts and gloves.

Nozzles & Range of Pressure Cleaners

When selecting the right nozzle head it is recommended to start with a 25 Degree nozzle. This often has a green tip. The 25 degree nozzle is a general multi-purpose tip and is usually good enough for wood fencing. If there are areas with tougher grim or stain switch to a 15 degree nozzle tip, it is usually yellow tipped. When using a pressure washer never get the nozzle closer than 2 feet. If the range of the nozzle gets too close, you can greatly damage the wood. Additionally, avoid using hot water. Some pressure washer can use both. However, wood doesn’t react well with hot water.

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