Gutter Cleaning Clears Clogged Rain Gutters & Downspouts. It Prevents Damage to Your Roof & Home Foundation in Covington GA

Cleaning the gutters is a chore that is often put off time and time again. It’s difficult, time consuming and often hazardous. But the truth is if you want to avoid extensive and costly damage to your home, you definitely don’t want to neglect cleaning and maintaining your gutter system. In fact as a home owner, hiring a professional to clean your gutters is one of the smartest decisions you can make regarding the upkeep of your home.

Overflowing Gutters Cause Roof Leaks & Damage to Home Foundations

If your gutters are improperly maintained or neglected, water can fall around the foundation of your home and enter into your basement or crawlspace leading to mold and other damage. During the winter months, it is not uncommon for water to freeze and cause cracks in your foundation. If water should get behind your gutters it has the potential to rot your fascia boards, which can put your entire gutter system at risk of collapse.

Gutters & Downspouts are your Roof’s Drainage System

Your gutters and downspouts act as your roof’s drainage system, and as such they are responsible for carrying away the gallons of water that rains down upon your roof every year. For most homeowner’s, maintaining a gutter system is arduous work that can also be dangerous requiring the use of ladders and specialized equipment. Professional cleaning and maintenance is recommended, and hiring an experienced company, like Big Moose Pressure Cleaning can help determine how well your gutter system serves your home. Many homeowners’ are completely unaware of the gutter system attached to their home and never spend time thinking about it, at least not until something goes wrong and serious problems develop. It is crucial that you get your gutters professionally cleaned and repaired on a regular basis. If you continue to neglect your gutters, you run the risk of irreparable damage that may result in complete replacement of your gutter system along with the cost of repairs to your damaged basement, crawlspace and roof.

The knowledgeable gutter cleaning technicians at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have provided the following information as to why it is never a good idea to neglect cleaning your gutters.

Neglected Gutter Cleaning Can Cause Damage to your Roof & Require Repairs

Wood damage occurs when standing water in a clogged gutter has been allowed to sit unattended over a long period of time. The weight of the water can cause the fascia board and the gutter it is attached to, to pull away from the surface of the roof. In essence causing it to weaken and break. Water trapped in your gutter is also like a petri dish that creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bugs as well as mold. If left to their own devises, your gutters will eventually fall off and pull away from the edge of the roof allowing water to enter first into your attic and then your other living areas. A professional gutter cleaning by your Big Moose Pressure Cleaning technicians will ensure that your home is protected from roof damage caused by clogged gutters.

Neglected Gutter Cleaning Can Cause Basement & Foundation Damage

When your gutters overflow with water, chances are the excess water will run down and fall into your home’s foundation. Constant moisture will cause damage to the foundation’s structure which will eventually make its way into your basement or crawlspace causing extensive water damage to the internal support structures including damage to the drywall, insulation and electrical systems. Mildew and mold can be caused by excess moisture in your basement. Mold is responsible for causing serious illness including respiratory issues and skin allergies.

How Often Should Your Gutters Be Cleaned by a Professional?

How often your gutters should be cleaned depends on where your property is located, the climate that your home is being exposed to and the surrounding landscape. If you live in Georgia, the experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning recommend getting your gutters cleaned at minimum twice a year but more often when necessary.

When is the Best Time to Get Gutters Cleaned?

The most important time to hire the services of a professional such as Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is in late fall after the majority of leaves have fallen. Leaves and trigs are responsible for the many of the blockages found in gutter systems. The next best time to schedule your gutter cleaning is in the spring or early summer as pollen, seeds and twigs can build up in your gutter. If you live in an area that is heavily wooded, clearing and cleaning your gutters three or four times a year may be necessary. And it’s not just the horizontal gutters that are cause for concern; the experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will ensure that your downspouts are not clogged and that they are working properly to take water away from your homes foundations.

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