Power Washing & Killing Mold on Porous Surfaces in Locust Grove GA; Call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning!

Your driveways, walkways and sidewalks can be made of different types of building materials some of which require specialized care. The most common of these exterior surfaces include concrete, brick and flagstone. Cleaning concrete and other porous materials is an arduous task especially if the stain has been absorbed deep into the surface.

Hiring a professional power washing service, such as the experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is sure to save you time and money and the peace of mind of knowing that your porous surfaces are being expertly cleaned without fear of damage.

One of the most important things to consider when working with your Big Moose Pressure Cleaning professional is the correct mix of chemicals and equipment. Porous surfaces require a medium to high pressure wash with a specifically calculated amount of chemicals. Too much and you risk damaging the surface, too little and you won’t receive the degree of clean you deserve. That’s why you won’t be disappointed with the level of expertise and professionalism you will receive from your knowledgeable Big Moose Pressure Cleaning technician.

Pressure Washing Brick Surfaces: Solid brick pavers with sanded or un-sanded grout will require a two-step cleaning process involving water pressure and surface cleaning solutions to remove any mold build up. This first step is typically performed using a cleaning wand. The second step is a specialized surface treatment that is designed to remove dirt and stains from the grout line without causing damage. This is of particular importance when cleaning un-sanded grout. Your skilled Big Moose Pressure Cleaning technician will use a professional pressure washing machine with customized attachments along with a surface cleaner to ensure you are completely satisfied.
Pressure Washing Concrete: Concrete is one of the most common exterior surfaces found in residential homes, particularly walkways and driveways. Concrete will darken over time as a result of dirt, grime and mold. For a professional clean, a customized tip must be used in order to avoid wand lines or stripping away the top surface layer of your concrete. For the best results, your experienced Big Moose Pressure Cleaning technician will use a specialized surface cleaner to improve the finish of your driveway along with specialized pressure cleaning equipment and post treatment products that will further enhance the brightness of your finished concrete. You will be amazed at the results.
Pressure Washing Flagstone: Flagstones have a natural tendency to hide a lot of the surface dirt, in fact you may not even realize just how dirty they are until you have them cleaned. Why clean your flagstones? If left too long between professional cleanings dirt and grime can cause the grout between the flagstones to chip and crumble. Your expert Big Moose Pressure Cleaning technician will address the issue of your grout lines by using a surface cleaner and a wand. Depending on the degree of damage, your cleaning technician may also recommend refinishing your grout after the cleaning process to preserve the longevity of your flagstone surfaces.
Pressure Washing Other Surfaces: Surfaces such as limestone and sandstone should be cleaned with care. Your knowledgeable Big Moose Pressure Cleaning professional will apply specialized chemicals to ensure that you received the deep clean you are looking for without damage to the exterior of your home.

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