History of the High Pressure Vapor Spray Generator & Power Washing Jenny

When prohibition was set as law in 1920 people were banned from the manufacturing, selling and transporting of alcohol. This led to a huge industry in bootlegged and homemade drinks. But did you know that this defiance was what led to the invention of pressure washing? The underground groups that were running the manufacturing and sale of these outlawed beverages would have to learn ways to produce the product. The important people that paid a huge role in the bootlegging were earning millions of dollars, with the highest earner of 1926 no other than Al Capone. He was able to bring in about $105 million in the industry.

How Pressure Steam Cleaning & Power Washing Began

It all started when an employee that made water heaters and boilers by day (and bootlegged drinks by night) figured something out that made headway into a brand new industry. Mr. Ofeldt was busy in his garage working on ways that could help with production of his lucrative beverages when he came across something new. He was working on trying to perfect his portable still for whiskey that he was to make for a moonshiner. While he was working on the project, he would test it and let the steam out which was pressurized. He realized that while this was happening he could see the grease that layered his floor of the garage practically lifting away. He was born into a family of steam engineers and he realized that the steam alone would not be enough to remove the grease stains so he started to think what he could do to make a change to his new idea. He realized that he needed access to some type of pump that could handle the steam mixed with a chemical that could actually remove the grease itself. Mr. Ofeldt and another man, Mr. Schuchman would eventually work together to start producing what they called a High Pressure Vapor Spray Generator. They realized that it was the best they could do to come with a name but knew it wasn’t the best chose. When they met an ex-con that took some courses in prison on marketing came up with naming this new contraption High Pressure Jenny. This was the first pressure washer and they used it for cleaning off all sorts of hard to clean grease and dirt stains.

Professional Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning in McDonough GA

Pressure Washing equipment has come a long way since then and Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has the most up to date tools and equipment to not only remove your grease but just about any other exterior stain, dirt and mildew etc. Contact us today for expert exterior cleaning and restoration!

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