Hot or Cold Water Pressure or Power Washing VS Soft Wash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Solutions in Tyrone, GA

When cleaning the exterior surface of a home and around the property, many people will seek pressure cleaning services. Pressure cleaning services can deep clean roof tops, all exterior surfaces of the home as well as other features on the property. When seeking pressure cleaning services often it is asked if pressure or power washing is bad and whether or not the company does soft washing services. Pressure washing services often provide a variety of pressure cleaning services which can include power washing, soft washing. There is often a misconception about pressure cleaning and soft washing. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share the differences between a pressure wash and a soft wash.

Pressure Washing

When it comes to pressure cleaning you will hear the term pressure wash or power washing. Essentially they are the same thing. Both power and pressure wash uses a forceful cleaning machine. A direct pressurized spray of water is used to remove surface substances. Depending on the surface’s needs, both hot and cold water may be used. Pressure wash uses a high force of water pressure and often a cleaning agent to remove dirt, mold and other substances from off certain materials or surfaces. Due to the high force of a pressure cleaning, only certain materials can have a pressure wash. Stronger surfaces, such as concrete should be pressure washed. This can include driveways, concrete walls, sidewalks, and patios. However, if the concrete or other similar surface is older and is breaking down, a pressure wash may not be optimal.

Soft Wash Solutions for Roofs

Soft washes are much different from pressure washes. Soft washes do not rely on a high force to clean a surface. Soft washes often use eco-friendly chemical solutions to clean various surfaces. A stream of water is used to clean the surface which looks like a pressure wash. However, the force used during a soft wash is much lower and weaker than a pressure wash. There is just enough force used to deep clean the surface without damaging it. The cleaning agents used help to break up and remove most of the substance found on the home. Soft washes are used more often than many people realize. Soft washes are primarily used on wooden surfaces, roof tops and other similar surfaces. Soft washes help to clean the surface without damaging it.

DIY VS Professional Power Washing

It is essential to use the right type of pressure cleaning of the right surfaces. Pressure and soft washes have their direct uses. Many DIY pressure cleaning can end in disaster or with poor results when the wrong type pressure cleaning methods is used. A professional pressure cleaning service will know when to use a soft wash and a pressure wash. They can provide the results you want without causing damages to your home and surrounding features. The right pressure cleaning can help improve your home’s health and appearance.

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