Healthier Environment & Other Benefits of Commercial Building Power Washing & Sanitizing in Jonesboro, GA

As many more states reopen their warehouses and commercial buildings, the threat of COVID-19 is far from over. Because this virus still poses a threat it is important to make sure the work environment stays clean and free of viruses. Pressure cleaning warehouses and other commercial buildings not only helps to keep the site clean, it can also be used to sterilize and prevent the spread of viruses. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share the many benefits of pressure cleaning commercial buildings and warehouses.

Pressure Washer Sanitizing

When pressure cleaning warehouses and other commercial buildings, often pressure cleaning services will do a hot pressure wash. A hot pressure wash or cleaning uses hot water and steam to clean the area and disinfect the surfaces at the same time. Most germs, viruses and bacteria is sensitive to the heat. Therefore, heat alone can kill them. Depending on the type of pressure cleaning machine, some can produce water over 200 degree Fahrenheit. Along with the heat from the pressure washer a cleaning solvent can be added that also kills germs, viruses, and bacteria. With the ongoing threat of COVID-19, along with other viruses in the world, it is important to treat the work environment like a hazard zone. Warehouses and other commercial buildings can be pressure cleaned inside and out, killing potential threats.

Benefits of Power Washing

There are many reasons to have a warehouse and commercial building pressure cleaned beyond sanitizing. Below are some of the benefits of routine pressure cleaning.
Pressure Cleaning Maintains Aesthetics: When pressure cleaning the building and its surroundings, it helps to maintain the aesthetics of the site. Warehouses and other commercial buildings frequently require pressure cleaning to remove all of the dirt and grime that builds up on the outside. Along with interior pressure cleaning, the warehouse and other similar commercial buildings can be kept clean and look clean.
Power Washing Improves Integrity of Structure: By keeping the inside and outside of the warehouse clean it can prevent premature wear and tear. It is common for warehouses and other commercial buildings to develop major roof problems when they are neglected. Pressure cleaning warehouses, factories, or commercial buildings can remove all of the dirt, grime, animals droppings and more. By keeping these sites clean it can prevent major repair and prolong the life of the structure.
Exterior Cleaning Promotes a Healthier Environment: Aside from killing germs and viruses, there are other health benefits that comes with pressure cleaning. When pressure cleaning the warehouse and other commercial sites, the dirt and grime which can make the ground slippery is removed. Debris can also be washed away and removed to make the site clean and free of tripping hazards.

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It is important to keep commercial sites including warehouses clean to prevent major illness or damages. With pressure cleaning the entire site can be cleaned and maintained which enhances the aesthetics and integrity of the structure. When managing or owning a warehouse or commercial building and you need a professional pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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