How Can a Business Protect Against Graffiti Vandalism in Peachtree City, GA? Remove Spray Paint Quickly & More

There is no business out there that wants to deal with vandalism like graffiti. It can instantly make your building look less appealing to your customers and the community. While it can’t be completely avoided all of the time, there are definitely some things that you can put in place to deter vandals from tagging your building. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to share our best tips to help you protect your building from vandalism and graffiti.

To Stop Graffiti, Minimize Access to Your Building

If it is possible, make it hard for vandals to gain access to your building. This can be done using a couple of different methods.
– Fence: Fences can be a good way to keep vandals from gaining access to your building. If you install a chain link fence, it is usually less attractive to graffiti vandal. If you have a solid fence, consider painting it as unpainted surfaces are always more attractive for graffiti.
– Plants: Using plants to get between vandals and your building can be helpful as well. Vines that grow on the outside of your building can be attractive and keep graffiti from happening as well. Thorny bushes are also helpful.
– Dumpsters: If you have any dumpsters close to your building, you will want to move them so that a vandal doesn’t have a way of getting onto the roof of your building.

Security Cameras & Lighting Help Prevent Graffiti & Vandalism

You can make improvements to the security system on the outside of your building so that it can help to deter vandals. Make sure you have plenty of lighting in areas that are currently hidden in the shadows at night. If people can be seen, they are less likely to tag your building. You can also install security cameras that can help you catch anyone that is up to no good after hours.

Remove Spray Paint Graffiti Quickly

Keeping your property neat and tidy will send a message that you care what your building and the property around it look like. If you do get tagged somehow, you will want to have it removed as quickly as possible. You want to have it gone within 24-48 hours. When you have it removed quickly, there is a smaller chance of it happening again. Usually, people are proud of their graffiti and don’t want to tag a building that will quickly remove it. Also, when you have graffiti on your building it will often attract more graffiti.

Graffiti Removal, Pressure Cleaning, Power Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge & Social Circle, Georgia

If you have found that your building has been tagged with graffiti, you need to call on the professionals at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to get rid of it for you. We have the equipment that is needed to completely remove any graffiti from your building like it was never there before. We know how important the curb appeal of your business is and will remove any graffiti that is causing you problems. Call us today!

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