How Do Gas & Electric Power Washers Work in McDonough, GA? What Are Water Pressure PSI & Flow GPM Ratings?

When things get really dirty, they may need more than just soap and water to get it clean. This is when using a pressure washer will make all the difference. You may not think a pressure washer will do any better, but they work by blasting dirt at an extremely high pressure. These water jets are 75 times stronger than a garden hose. Pressure washers don’t just clean at high pressure but can do gentle cleanings too.

What is a Pressure Washer?

Think of a pressure washer as a mixture between an air compressor and a garden hose. The engine will power the motor that will then power the water pump. The pressure washer is attached to a garden hose where high pressure forces the water out. There is also a water gun that is attached to the washer with a trigger, once the trigger is pulled, the water is mixed with the air and exits out the nozzle. A pressure washer is composed of some primary components; the engine, the water pump, the water inlet, the high-pressure hose and the wand that also has attachments for the nozzle. The nozzle attachments control the spray, allowing you to change the force and the angle for different cleaning needs. The nozzles are also color-coded to let you know the forcefulness and narrowness of the spray pattern. The white nozzle is 40 degrees, the green is 25 degrees, the yellow is 15 degrees, the red is 0 degrees and the black tip is used to dispense soap at a low-pressure.

Types of Pressure Washers; Electric & Gas Powered,

Electrical pressure washers use the electricity of your home, are compact and easy to move around and are also quieter. Gas pressure washers are larger and more powerful. In areas that electricity is hard to come by, a gas model may be more of what you’re looking for. There are also times when running multiple extension cords may not work so well. There are PSI ratings and GPM ratings. PSI is the water pressure measured at output in pounds per square inch. This generates the power needed to get to the dirt and grime. GPM or gallons per minute is the flow of water that is sent to the spray gun. This is what provides the power to break down and wash the dirt away. The way a pressure washer will function depends on the engine and what you’ll be using it for. An electric engine with 1300 to 1900 PSI is good for patios and decks, fences, siding and vehicles. Gas engines with 3200 to 4200 PSI are good for paint stripping, graffiti removal and construction-site cleaning. The best thing to do is use the broadest lowest-pressure nozzle that will clean the surface to prevent any damage from using too much pressure. Determine this by testing a hidden area so that if you go too high, any damage will not be noticeable.

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