How Do I Prepare My Deck for Cold Weather in Irondale, GA? Power Washing Cleaning Maintenance & More

Preparing your deck for the cooler weather is a wise investment to ensure your deck doesn’t receive unnecessary damage from any related water storms that can really beat your deck up. It is important to give it a good cleaning, mend repairs and apply your finish to offer better protection. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to offer tips and advice in getting your deck prepped.

How to Power Wash & Maintain Your Deck

1. Clutter removal. Begin by banishing the clutter. Throw away trash and clear the deck free of dirt, leaves, or any other debris. For now, place the normal possessions out of the way. You want your deck free and clear to start the nitty-gritty.
2. Replace and repair. Explore your deck thoroughly. Ensure nails and screws are tightly secured, if necessary, replace. If any wood work is in need of sanding or repair, or replacement, now is the time to make sure the deck is in top notch condition.
3. Power wash. To guarantee all dirt, debris, bacteria, mildew or mold is meticulously eradicated, power wash your deck. Renting a unit and purchasing detergent may sound simple enough, however, it is extremely recommended you hire a pro for this job. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has trained experts that can properly and efficiently clean your deck without causing any damage.
4. Once your deck is cleaned and dry, sweep the deck for any potential issues that could have been missed, and tend to them accordingly if any are found.
5. Finishing. Using your finish of choice, utilizing a finish or stain that is designed for exterior purposes and is labeled weather-proof is encouraged and recommended. It is extremely important that you take the time to stain or finish your deck precisely and cover every inch of wood on your desk to ensure proper protection.
6 After allowing the right amount of dry time, you can replace your desired items on your deck and enjoy!

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Not only can Big Moose Pressure Cleaning give you the perfect power wash, we also have professionals who can get your deck restored and stained in preparation for the upcoming winter months.

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