Advantages of Sandblasting in Lake City, GA; Remove Rust, Old Paint Without Damage to Metal & More!

When larger areas need to be cleaned effectively, pressure cleaning is the best way to go. There are a number of different types of pressure cleaning. There is pressure washing, soft pressure washing, and wet or dry sandblasting. Each pressure cleaning method is often used in different situations. Most people are well aware of pressure and soft pressure washing uses, but not too many people know about sandblasting. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to shine the spotlight on sandblasting, when it is the preferred cleaning method, and its benefits.

What is Sandblasting Used For?

Sandblasting is another cleaning method that uses force from pressure to clean an area or surface. But, instead of using water, sandblasting uses abrasive materials that smooth rough surfaces and removes and cleans a number of different material. The abrasive material will vary depending on the surface or purpose of the cleaning. Sandblasting is often used to remove and clean surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, stone, brick and more. Sandblasting can help remove substances such as rust, old paint and other contaminants. When sandblasting a surface, it will also smooth the surface down much like sanding down wood. Sandblasting is great for preparing a surface to be painted or refinished. Not only is sandblasting great to prepare a surface to be painted or refinished, but it is also effective. Sandblasting is much less work than stripping and sanding down a surface by hand. Sandblasting is also fast and removes time for the overall project. When you want to prepare a surface to be cleaned and ready to be painted, sandblasting is a great option. You can also use pressure washing, but dry sandblasting can be used indoors and will not make a mess in the work zone. Because dry sandblasting doesn’t use water, you can clean and prepare an indoor area much faster.

Can You DIY Sandblast?

Many people will shy away from a professional sandblasting service as many think they can do the work themselves. However, sandblasting is nothing like pressure cleaning and should only be done by a professional. Sandblasting has more safety procedures and must be used correctly. Sandblasting can break down and remove contaminants from the surface that is being cleaned. Not only are they removed, but they are broken down into tiny particles that are in the air. A person can be exposed to toxins, bacteria, and fungi that can become life threatening. A professional undergoes a lot of training and is educated in the right safety procedures. To promote safety, it is encouraged that sandblasting be done by a well trained professional. Like pressure cleaning, if sandblasting is not done correctly, you can potentially destroy the surface you are trying to cleaning. As mentioned previously, sandblasting uses different types of abrasive materials to clean the various surfaces. You must use the right materials for the right surface as well as the correct pressure and nozzle types.

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Sandblasting has its many benefits and can be used in places where you would not want to use a pressure washer. There are many applications for sandblasting and when done right, it can expedite a lot of work. If you need sandblasting or pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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