How Do You Get Rid of Black Streaks on Roof Shingles in Lakeview Estates, GA?

For homeowners with an asphalt shingle roof, the growth of black streaks is an all too common and disconcerting issue. Beyond being a cosmetic nuisance, these black streaks can point to more severe underlying roofing problems. Today, we will reveal the nature of these black streaks, explain why they form, and share effective ways to get rid of them safely and swiftly. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share what you need to know about black streaks on your roof.

What Do Black Streaks on a Roof Mean?

The black streaks you see on your asphalt shingle roof are not caused by accumulated dirt or mold. Rather, they are the result of algae growth. The asphalt in the shingles contains a limestone filler, which is the primary food source for these algae. Each black streak you see on the roof is, in fact, a colony of microscopic organisms that can grow, spread, and eventually take control of your entire roof. In the humid climate of Georgia, algae is a frequent concern. This particular type of algae is scientifically known as Gloeocapsa magma. It spreads through spores, which can be carried by wind or animals. Given their preference for shaded conditions, these algae often develop on the north side of the roof or other consistently shaded areas.

Does Harmful Gloeocapsa Magma Damage Shingles?

The presence of black streaks or Gloeocapsa magma on your roof poses more than just an aesthetic problem, it can also lead to major roofing issues if left unchecked. As the algae continues to feed on the asphalt shingles, the roof gradually becomes more vulnerable to various forms of damage. The granules that make up the asphalt can wear down over time, resulting in the underside of the shingles being exposed to moisture. This moisture can lead to internal roofing damages and leaks, which can become major issues if the algae growth isn’t removed promptly. It is critical to tackle the algae problem before it inflicts severe damage on your home’s roof.

How Do I Prevent Algae Growing on My Roof?

Considering the common occurrence of black streaks in Georgia, it’s vital to take action as soon as they’re noticed. The strategy for preventing and eliminating these algae colonies from your roof is fairly simple and involves scheduling routine pressure cleaning sessions. This method not only works effectively for your roof but can also rejuvenate other areas of your home that may be affected by similar issues. By ensuring your roof is cleaned at least once a year, you can prevent algae from developing and taking over your roof. If your roof is already besieged by black streaks, a professional pressure cleaning service can help eliminate the algae colonies. The high pressure from the cleaning machine provides a deep clean to the asphalt shingles without causing any damage. It’s worth noting that pressure cleaning is effective not only against algae but also against lichens, mosses, and other microorganisms that may attempt to invade your roof.

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