DIY Power Washing Mistakes in Conyers, GA; Marks & Damage from Too High Pressure & More

Nothing beats the fast and effectiveness of pressure cleaning when it comes to cleaning most exterior surfaces. For the safest, most effective, and damage free applications, professional services are essential. With the pressure cleaning equipment readily available for rent at most home improvement stores, however, there are too many people that simply attempt the process. What these do-it-yourself people do not realize is that different types of equipment is meant for different surfaces and different techniques. Without the formal training, pressure cleaning ends up damaging roofs, decks, walkways and siding. To help warn people of the dangers in pressure cleaning as a DIY project, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have listed the most common mistakes to avoid the costly repair or replacements that is likely to occur. A frequent misconception, that couldn’t be further from the truth, is that aiming a hose at a dirty surface is all that consists of pressure washing. Pressure washing is an art that professionals can attest to and is equally science and skills in tandem with training and experience that ensures the pressure washing is conducted with safe and efficient results. Below, we have listed the DIY pressure washing mistakes commonly found.

Marks & Damage from Too High Pressure

Vulnerable to excess pressure are even the most seemingly sturdy surfaces. While pressure washing, the most common mistake done by homeowners doing it themselves is using way too much pressure. Etched lines into the home’s siding or carved strips out of wood decking is he end result of quite a few first-time attempts because most underestimate the power of a jet of water. Professionals know and understand how to harness high-strength cleaning power with proficient handling and distance to avoid the undo risk of damage to your home.

Using Only Water in Pressure Washer

For those that rent the equipment without the basic training, will commonly load the washer with nothing but water. Because the proper ratio of solution is lacking, the effectiveness of your cleaning is significantly reduced. As people try to compensate for the loss of the solution, they crank up the pressure to compensate, leaving the surfaces with the above-mentioned damage. Not only will the pressure damage be an issue but using only water will likely potentially lead to mold and the damage mold causes.

Application of Ineffective Power Washing Technique

Your cleaning efforts are essentially worthless when you clean out of the correct order. However, the damage is likely to not be permanent and minimal, the costly mistake is using your hard-earned cash on the rental unit and buying the necessary supplies that will ultimately be a waste in addition to losing time. You will give your crystal-clear windows a rinse in grimy and dirty residues when you first clean your windows and follow it with a pressure washing for example. For all the surfaces that are pressure washed, professionals are well aware of the proper order and techniques for an effective clean.

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When looking for a safe and effective clean, it is well worth your efforts to invest in professional pressure cleaning services. Taking advantage of Big Moose Pressure Cleaning services will ensure maximum results. Call us today to get started.

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