How to Clean Bird Droppings off Vinyl Siding, Concrete Cement, Wood Decks, Pavers, Outdoor Furniture, Brick & More in Locust Grove, GA; Professional Pressure Washing!

Most homeowners and business owners know all too well the nuisance of suburban wild birds leaving a buildup of offerings on their rooftops, sidewalks and other surfaces. Usually pigeons are the most likely suspect, but other birds can be just as guilty. Bird droppings contain acid, among other things, that can increase the rate of deterioration on many susceptible surfaces. Climbing the rooftops, siding and brick, as well as getting down on your hands and knees to clean driveways, pavers and decks, and trying to clean their vile waste can be time consuming and cumbersome. But with the help of pressure cleaning, the bird fecal matter mucking up your exterior surfaces can be easily cleaned. With that in mind, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to expound on pressure cleaning the filthy gifts left by birds.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your House; Preserve Your Investment

Professional pressure cleaning, or power washing as some come to call it, can not only remove the bird poop from your rooftops and exterior surfaces; but it can effectively clean, sanitize, deodorize and remove the layers of filth and debris. Bird droppings, dirt, mud, nests, climate pollutants, pollens, and other debris are all easily spray away with pressure cleaning and optimal cleaners. Having a routinely scheduled professional pressure cleaning will increase your home’s beauty, along with saving you time and money along the way. Harmful particles such as algae, mold, insects, weeds, bird fecal contaminates, and chalk can cause damage to your property’s surfaces if left untreated. Materials such as wood, masonry, paint and stains can be compromised and will have to be replaced if left neglected. You can extend the lifespan of these materials with a professional power washing on a regular basis.

DIY VS Professional Pressure Washing

Power washing might be a tempting project to do on your own. But the pressure cleaning equipment needs to be used correctly or you can easily cause more damage. With the appropriate settings being used on your rooftop, or other surfaces where the bird excrement may be located, it can be safely cleaned thoroughly without damage ensuing. Chemicals are often misused during the DIY project. Every surface needs specific cleaning, along with the consideration of the primary contaminates. Trained professionals can easily use the cleansers.

Other Benefits of Exterior Pressure Cleaning

Keep in mind that power washing is not just for bird waste removal. There are additional benefits for hiring a pressure washing professional. Property fences that are looking old and mold covered could use a good power wash to brighten fencing, along with playground equipment and even old tool sheds and garages. Other power washing services include preparing your deck and other painting project for their new finish. Pressure washing has the ability to remove flaking paint or old stain and make the application of the new paint much more effective. Power washing is ideal for cleaning concrete, brick, wood, vinyl siding and other exterior surfaces.

Bird Dropping Removal, Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is ready and willing to traverse your commercial or residential rooftops and other exterior surfaces to completely remove the bird waste buildup, among other particulates, to reveal your beautiful property. Our experts have been masterfully trained to apply the right pressure, temperature, and detergents to clean the appropriate surfaces without inflecting damage. We now offer a soft wash roof cleaning service that removes mold, black streaks and other stains. After a pressure cleaning, your treated surfaces are left vibrant, clean, sanitized, and deodorized. Call us today to get started!

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