How to Clean & Remove Stains from Vinyl & Fiber Cement House Siding in Fayetteville, GA

Both vinyl and cement fiberglass siding will develop different types of stains due to our local climate. These stains can range from black, brown, green and yellow colors as well as develop calcium water stains. These streak like stains can appear all along the side of the home. As many can guess, these streaks are either mildew, mold, algae, or a type of fungus. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will break down what these streaks are and how to properly clean your home’s siding.

Brown Stains on My Siding

When you see long brown streaks or stains on the exterior siding of the home, this is actually due to rusting. Rust can occur from the nails that are holding up the siding. On cedar wood siding, the brown streaks can be an oil residue that occurs from winter snow.

Black Discoloration on Siding

Black streaks or stains are usually organic and could be either mold, algae, or fungus. Black streaks usually appear on the side of the home that doesn’t get much sun or is shaded throughout the year. In a very few cases, the black stains are from soot, which occurs in areas near the chimney or near a fire pit.

Green Algae on Siding

Green stains are no stranger in Georgia. The green stains are either moss or algae. Both will develop when they have the right mixture of sunlight and moisture along areas with poor ventilation.

Yellowed White Siding

Yellow stains are due to deteriorating insulation or sheathing that is used behind the siding.

Water Spots on Siding

Water stains are usually the same color of the siding with obvious outlines where the water is constantly running down.

Cleaning to Remove Stains from Siding

One of the most effective methods to clean stains and streaks along the side of vinyl, cement or even wood exterior siding, is with pressure cleaning. However, it is important to identify the stains or streaks to apply the proper cleaning solution. As the source of the stain can vary, it is often recommended to seek professional assistance. A professional pressure cleaning company can identify the stain and often have on hand the right cleaning solution to clean the siding of the home. Additionally, it is important to properly clean the material as wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding require different pressure settings and attachment nozzles. If you use the wrong pressure, nozzle, or cleaning technique, the siding can be damaged.

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These stains or streaks on the siding of the home are unappealing and can cause long term damage especially, if it is mold, moss, and other organic life forms. These can break down the surface of the siding. When these streaks appear, it is best to have them cleaned and removed to prevent premature damage of the home siding. Pressure cleaning is both fast and effective when cleaning the siding of a home. It is often recommended to prevent streaks or stains from damaging the siding, to have the siding cleaned once a year. When your home has these stains and/or streaks on its siding, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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