Importance of Gutter Cleaning Maintenance this Fall in Peachtree City, GA; Avoid Property Damage & More

As the leaves start to fall off the trees with the cooling temperatures, the leaf litter might be a pain to clean up. There are some areas of your home that it is essential that you clean up all those leaves though and your gutter system is one of those places. There are a long list of problems that can come from gutters that are clogged and haven’t been cleaned out. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about the importance of cleaning out your gutters this fall.

Clogged Gutters Cause Roof Damage

There is a reason you have such a seamless gutter system around the edge of your roof. It is there to offer protection for your roof that is absolutely essential. When the water isn’t flowing from your gutters the way it should, there is excessive moisture that builds up on your roof. This can cause rotting issues that can be costly to repair.

Overflowing Gutters Cause Damage to Foundation

Not only are those gutters in place for your roof’s safety, but the home’s foundation as well. Moisture is a foundation’s worst nightmare. Excessive moisture at your home’s foundation can make it more susceptible to cracking. When you are experiencing foundation issues, they can have a big impact on the overall value of your home. Many potential buyers will shy away from a home that has had foundation issues.

Damage to Fascia Can Result if Gutters are Not Cleaned

The fascia around your home is that piece of wood that is located directly behind your gutters. This is what your gutters are attached to on your home. You can experience rotting on this area as well when the moisture isn’t making its way down your gutter system.

Bugs are Attracted to Dirty Gutters

No one wants to have a pest infestation on their hands. Clogged gutters makes your home much more appealing to several pests. Ones that you should especially be aware of are termites and carpenter ants. These two pests are attracted to rotting wood and will be more likely to take over your home if you have water damage due to clogged gutters.

Clogged Gutters Ruin Landscaping

When your gutters are clogged, there is usually a great deal of water that is gushing out of them at the wrong place during a serious storm. This can cause your landscaping to be completely washed away. Many plants can sustain serious damage from too much water and the soil will literally get washed out of your beds in areas that water is pouring out of your gutter.

Damaged Gutters

Not only are there several areas of your home that can be damaged when the gutters are clogged, but the gutters themselves can’t hold that much moisture. They will usually start to separate from the home when they are carrying around too much weight from the excessive moisture in the gutters.

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