How to Clean & Seal a Concrete Driveway in Zebulon, GA; Prepping, Power Washing & More

When your driveway looks stained from oil stains, or nature has taken over, you may wonder how to give your driveway a little make over. In most cases cleaning and resealing your driveway can be an all day task and often you may never get the results you are hoping for. To spare you disappointment, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how cleaning and sealing your driveway can be done quickly and with the results you hope for.

Prepping to Power Wash Driveways

When you need to have your driveway cleaned to remove grease or oil stains as well as remove the dirt and grime off of your driveway, you will find one of the most effective and fastest methods is to use a pressure cleaning service. Pressure cleaning can penetrate deep into the pores of concrete and remove the embedded dirt and debris out. Even grease, oil stains, and tire marks can be removed off of the driveway with pressure cleaning. First the site will need to be prepped to prevent any damage to surrounding vegetation and exterior fixtures. The entire area is first wetted down with plain water to prevent plants from absorbing any of the chemicals in the pressure machine.

Clean Dirt, Mildew & Stains from Concrete Driveways

Once the site has been prepped, then a cleaning agent is applied to the driveway. This cleanser sits on the surface for a few minutes. The cleaner helps to loosen and remove all the contaminates in the concrete. Tougher stains are also treated with extra strength cleaner or cleaners designed to remove the specific stain such as algae, moss, or molds. One the cleaner has had time to remove the contaminates inside the concrete, the driveway will be rinsed clean.

Penetrating Concrete Driveway Sealer

After the concrete has been rinsed with water, it is rinsed a second time but with a cleanser and sealer mixed in the tank. The sealer is a siloxane based sealer which helps prevent oil and other stains from setting inside the concrete. There are many sealers that can be used to help seal and protect concrete and each pressure cleaning service will vary as to which sealer works best for the local environment.

DIY Driveway Cleaning

For those who do their own DIY pressure cleaning, when cleaning concrete make sure to use a sealer that helps protect the concrete from moss, algae, oil stains and tire marks. After applying the sealer, often there is a final rinse to remove the residue. When rinsing and cleaning a driveway in residential areas, you will want to make sure the water runs toward the city’s drainage system. Most cleaners used are not harmful to the environment. However, it is still better to make sure the water runs through the proper channels.

Cleaning Old Concrete

The condition of the concrete also matters when it is pressure cleaned. Older concrete that is weak should not be cleaned with too much pressure. Older concrete should be soft washed which uses less pressure to clean the concrete. This prevents damage to the weakened concrete.

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