How to Remove Graffiti from Brick in Griffin, GA; Spray Paint Removal Products or Power Washing?

Graffiti is a common issue many people experience. Where it can be frustrating, especially for businesses, it is removable. Unfortunately, the graffiti tagged on the brick and mortar walls may be poorly dealt with by the owner. Often do it yourself attempts involve business owners or managers using their own power washing equipment to remove the graffiti, only to cause further damage to the surface. Removing spray paint from the beautiful brick can be more challenging than you may think. Though the graffiti artists sometimes mean well, they either do not realize, or do not care, the negative impact it can have on your home, business, and the neighborhood. Where not all graffiti is gang related or maliciously intended, more often than not, that is exactly how it is viewed. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on graffiti on brick walls.

Graffiti Removal Products

The primary focus after spying graffiti on brick walls is to clean it. If you know who the suspect is, you can report it to the police and let them deal with the punishments. The actual process is more difficult than the labels on the removal products make it seem, and there are quite a few graffiti removal products on the market. More often than not, you are still left with a graffiti shadow that is still very visible to the eye, following soon after putting the product on and even with hours of scrubbing. The seemingly small areas of graffiti can take multiple applications of chemical and scrubbing to fully remove, and for large areas of graffiti, it can be an unbeatable battle. With the products and scrubbing methods, you run the risk of damaging that beautiful brick that makes up the exterior of your business or home with the vigorous scrubbing required. Pressure washing, when done properly, is the easiest and most effective solution to removing the graffiti.

Pressure Washer Services to Remove Spray Paint

Pressure cleaning done wrong can cause damage but using the right professional can not only ensure the brick wall is safe with their expertise, but it can deliver striking results that make an impression on how you view pressure cleaning services. Graffiti can be gone completely within a matter of hours when properly treated by certified experts. With several applications of graffiti remover and basically replacing scrubbing with the power of pressure washer equipment, their skills can be efficiently executed to take care of the graffiti on the brick wall. From what could be a multi-day graffiti removal process is compacted down into just a few hours when the professional uses high-grade products, the right nozzle, temperature and pressure.

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Should you discover graffiti on the brick wall of your home or business, not only can the technicians of Big Moose Pressure Cleaning remove the graffiti, but the surface will be restored to its original vivid and bright display. Our qualified professionals will ensure the graffiti is removed and the surfaces are clean and fresh. Call us today to remove the graffiti from your building.

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