How to Make the Front of Your Ranch or Other House Look Good & Boost Curb Appeal in Jackson, GA

Everyone knows the home on their street that has the most curb appeal. This is because curb appeal matters. Especially when you are thinking of selling your home. There are many things that you can do that are simple and will increase your home’s curb appeal dramatically. Every little detail counts when it comes to the front of your home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to share some simple things that will make a big difference in boosting the curb appeal of your home.

Clean & Clear Sidewalks & Pathways

If the pathways to your front door have been damaged or are simply looking like they haven’t gotten the attention they deserve, it’s time to spruce them up. Make sure they are clean and repair any damage they have sustained. If there are plants that are overgrown and encroaching on your walkways, trim them so the walkway is clear when someone comes to your door.

Tips to Add Curb Appeal

Prune Bushes & Trees – The bushes and trees in your front yard should be trimmed and manicured to attract people to the front of your home. They are often large and can overshadow the front of your house, leaving it covered with unkempt bushes rather than helping to accentuate your property.
Add Color to Your Landscaping – If you don’t have many flowering plants in the landscaping of your front yard, consider planting some flowers. If your foundation is visible from the street, add some flowering perennials to fill in the space and add color to your yard.
Focus on Your Front Door – Your front door should be one of the focal points on your home. Make it an inviting space. Add some greenery with potted plants and a fresh, clean doormat that will welcome visitors. Consider replacing the hardware on your front door as well so it is shiny and polished for any visitors.
Don’t Forget the Garage Door – The garage door is one of the largest surface on the exterior of your home. You shouldn’t forget it when you are trying to boost your home’s curb appeal. The paint may be chipping or peeling and should be fixed as well as any dings or dents.
Remove Any Visible Junk – If there is any junk lying around your yard, clean it up so your yard is neat and tidy. Roll up your garden hose and put away any tools that have been used in your yard work so the space is clean.

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