Power Washing Your Deck to Clean & Remove Dirt, Stains, Debris & More in Social Circle, GA

With winter having come to a close, you may be thinking of what needs to get done this spring. Spring time is yard time, right? This is the time we fertilize our yards and clean up after winter. One major task is cleaning the deck. When it comes to cleaning and preparing your deck for the spring and summer season, one of the best ways is to use a power washer. Whether you do your own deck cleaning or you use a professional service, it’s good to know how and what goes into power washing a deck. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share each step to power washing a deck.

How to Clean a Deck with a Power Washer

Step 1. If you’re doing your own pressure washing, we can’t stress safety enough. Pressure washing can cause injuries and property damage. You will see professional power washers always wearing heavy or thick pants, work boots, long sleeve shirts, eye protection and gloves. This is because they are protecting themselves from possible injury. Before power washing anything, make sure you are wearing the proper safety gear and clothing. Additionally make sure you know all of the safety protocols of using and handling a power washer before operating one.
Step 2. Next is preparation of the site. Remove all items off of the deck so it is bare and free of breakable items. Next sweep the dirt and debris off of the deck. Inspect for stains from mold or mildew, and tree sap. Check other areas that require more attention.
Step 3. Pour the deck cleaner into the soap dispenser tank of the power washer and add the proper amount of water. Some cleaners may kill plants, which is why some labels may direct you to wet down surrounding plants before use. Some power washers will have two tanks: one for the cleaner and the other for water. Make sure you’re using the soap dispensing nozzle tip on your power washer’s wand; some may use a twist adjustment nozzle. When cleaning wood you will also want to make sure you use the right nozzle, pressure, and power setting. If you don’t, you can damage wood very easily with a power washer. Make sure if you’re doing your own power wash, you follow the proper directions for cleaning wood and decks.
Step 4. When washing with a power washer, use wide broad strokes and work one direction at a time. You may want to keep a stiff scrub brush nearby to help clean those stubborn areas. After washing the deck with the cleaner, you will want to rinse the deck off with water. With a wide nozzle, use only water and rinse the deck off in the same pattern as you cleaned the deck. Make sure you spray away from the home. Aim the soap and dirt out towards the yard so that dirt or soap doesn’t get stuck or set on the wood.

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Cleaning a deck with a power washer or pressure washer is one of the most affective ways to clean a deck. However, a pressure washer is dangerous and you will need to know what setting it uses for each surface, along with proper cleaning techniques. For those who find they don’t have the time or tools to clean their deck, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We can clean your yard, home, commercial buildings and property with our pressure cleaning equipment, experience, and quality services. Contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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