How to Prevent & Remove Green Mold & Algae from Outside Siding Walls & Roof of Your Oxford, GA House

The outside is exposed to all of nature’s elements which allows mold and algae to grow all over the exterior of a home and other structures. When you live in a climate with a lot of humidity mold and algae is a constant battle. Mold and algae can cause major damage to siding, roofs and wooden surfaces. Therefore, it is essential to keep mold and algae in check. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how pressure cleaning is the most effective way to combat molds and algae outside of the home.

How Does Mold & Algae Grow on North Side of House

Both mold and algae require lots of moisture to form and both can form on almost any surface. The outside of the home is prone to mold and algae. Depending on where you are in the state of Georgia, homes near lakes, rivers, or along the coast will have a bigger mold or algae problem. Mold will form in both sunny areas as well as shaded. However, algae prefers to grow on the shaded, north side of the house.

Why it is Important to Remove Mold & Algae

Both mold and algae can cause rapid decay on a number of different materials, wood and concrete most of all. For homes with concrete tile roofs or wooden siding, you must regularly keep your roof and siding clean. Once mold or algae begins to grow, it grips deep into the grains or grooves of the surface it is living on. As the mold or algae takes hold on a surface it can hold in moisture which will aid in the material decaying process. As long as mold and algae is removed in time, the homeowner can preserve the surface of their home. To extend the life of wood, concrete, asphalt, vinyl, or fiberglass, you will want to keep mold and algae off of the material’s exterior.

Best Mold & Algae Remover

There are many different approaches to removing and cleaning mold and algae. However both commercial property owners and homeowners will agree pressure cleaning is the fastest and most effective way to remove mold and algae. A pressure cleaner has the power to remove algae and mold without the need for harsh chemicals. When cleaning the outside of the home, you do not want to use bleach or other harmful chemicals as it will impact the environment. Bleach can kill plants and grass and harm the local wildlife. To kill mold and algae, often a bleach or an EPA approved chemical agent is applied to the surface. This is a terrible mistake as you are poisoning the surrounding environment. With pressure cleaning often warm or hot water is all that is needed to remove and even kill the mold and algae. Not only will pressure cleaning remove mold and algae, but with regularly scheduled pressure cleaning, it can prevent it.

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As many homeowners and commercial property owners understand the battle with both mold and algae, do not hesitate to seek help. For quality pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning!

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