Old Chewing Gum Stain Removal from Concrete Sidewalks in Covington, GA; Pressure Washing Equipment & More

Have you ever looked down while walking along the sidewalk, only to see hundreds or even thousands of black stains? Those roundish black stains on the concrete are more often than not, gum. Chewing gum stains or spots can create a negative reflection on the property and its upkeep. When the property needs to be cleaned of chewing gum spots, it can be a major challenge. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how chewing gum spots are removed with professional pressure cleaning services.

Is it Hard to Remove Old Chewing Gum from Carpet?

A professional pressure cleaning service can help clean and remove chewing gum spots from off of concrete. Chewing gum can be very difficult to remove with regular scrubbing methods. First of all, when cleaning gum off of the concrete, it is important to know that not all concrete is the same. There are a number of factors that can alter concrete, such as age and exposure to the elements. When cleaning the surface of concrete, and especially when removing gum, it is important to consider the current state of the concrete. For example, old or aged concrete shouldn’t be exposed to hot water which is common when removing chewing gum. If the concrete shows signs of aging, an alternative method should be used to remove chewing gum spots. Additionally, cold water isn’t the best way to remove chewing gum from concrete either. When cleaning concrete and especially to remove chewing gum, hot water is needed. However, it will require the right nozzle and proper distance so as to not to etch or damage the concrete.

Gum Removal from Concrete

When cleaning chewing gum off of sidewalks and other surfaces, the first step is to prep the pressure cleaning machine. You will first need the proper temperature of water to remove the gum. Hot water is key as it melts the chewing gum right off of the surface. If needed, a cleaning agent is used. However, a cleaning agent isn’t always needed. Next you will need to adjust all the settings to safely but effectively clean chewing gum from off the concrete or surface. To remove gum from the concrete, the pressure cleaning machine should be set to 4000 psi and a #10 nozzle with a 25 degree fan pattern or a nozzle with a 700 psi rating. With the right nozzle and pressure setting, the concrete can be cleaned. It is important never to be too close to the concrete when cleaning it. Most pressure cleaning professionals will always stay about a foot away from the surface of the concrete. However, more distance may be needed. When cleaning, the pressure cleaning technician will clean small sections at a time, spraying rows that slightly overlap to ensure the entire surface is cleaned. They will go from side to side as they work down from the best starting site. This way the dirt, grime and gum is pushed away and into the nearest drainage system.

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When there is chewing gum all over the sidewalk, parking lot and other commercial locations, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for quality pressure cleaning services.

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