Is it Necessary to Clean a Wooden Deck Before Staining & Sealing in Milner, GA? Why Power Washing is Best

As your deck ages, you will see that it needs to be properly maintained to ensure it lasts throughout the years. Part of keeping up your wooden deck is to stain it and seal it every year or every other year. This can take a certain amount of work, but it is always worth putting in the work once you see how good it looks upon completion. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about why it is so important that you have your deck cleaned properly before staining and sealing its surface.

Importance of Cleaning a Wood Deck

If you don’t prep the surface of your deck before you apply stain and sealer to it, you will most surely be disappointed with your results. The stain and the sealer won’t be able to properly adhere to the surface and will simply chip and flake off. The surface of your deck needs to be cleaned, and the grey surface layer of oxidation must be removed before you start staining the surface of your deck. A serious cleaning session will also remove grime, dirt, tannin and rust stains from the surface as well.

Should I Use a Pressure Washer on My Deck?

The high-pressure water that shoots out the nozzle of a pressure washer can be more than helpful in preparing your deck for staining and sealing. It can remove old finish, stains and other blemishes that you want removed before you stain the staining process. It can also help remove any debris that can lead to fungus growth over time as well. You don’t have to worry about noxious gases or harmful chemicals that are often used to strip old stain off of deck surfaces when you use a pressure washer as well.

DIY Pressure Washing Can Be Dangerous

If you are using a pressure washer and you aren’t trained to do so, you can end up causing damage to the surface of your deck. Because the water shoots out of the nozzle with such high pressure, it can cause etching that will permanent in the soft surface of your wood. Before embarking on a DIY pressure washing adventure, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. Not only can a pressure washer cause damage to your deck, it can also cause injury if it isn’t being used properly.

Can You Clean Decking Without a Pressure Washer?

While it is possible to clean a deck without using a pressure washer, it requires much more elbow grease to do it. You must vigorously scrub and sand the surface of your deck when you are getting ready to stain it and aren’t using a pressure washer.

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