Is it OK to Pressure Wash a Brick House in Conyers, GA? How Do You Clean Without Damaging & More

Brick is found on many different homes because of its beauty. Many people choose to have their home constructed using brick because of its depth and dimension that make it such a beautiful material. When you have a brick home, it is important that you maintain it properly so that you avoid hurting and causing damage to the brick. This makes it is important to know what you’re doing when you attempt to clean your brick home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about pressure cleaning brick and why you should leave it up to the pros.

How Do You Clean Bricks Without Damaging Them?

When you have a home that is made of brick, you may think that it is indestructible. While brick is an incredibly durable material, it isn’t bulletproof. Brick is an incredibly porous material that is not considered waterproof. When it gets wet, it absorbs that moisture. This is why when a brick home is built, it is covered in a sealant to help it withstand the water that it is sure to come in contact with. This sealant can help the brick last much longer than bricks that haven’t been sealed.

You Have to Use Safe Brick Cleaning Solutions

There are some cleaning solutions that you shouldn’t ever use when you’re cleaning your brick house. Muriatic acid is something that should never come in contact with your brick. The acid is used to clean heavily stained surfaces. However, it can cause serious damage to your brick home by eating away at the brick and mortar joints. You should also avoid any ammonia or other harsh cleaners. There are safe cleaners that can be used out there like a mixture of water and vinegar that can successfully clean your brick surfaces. When you leave this job up to pros, they have the experience and expertise needed to ensure the brick is getting cleaned the right way. Their cleaners are going to be completely safe to use on porous surfaces like brick.

Using the Right Tools to Clean Brick

Before you go and start scrubbing the brick on the outside of your home, make sure you’re using the right tools to get the job done as well. You should always avoid using any wire brushes to clean your brick. This can start to remove some of the brick and break it down. Some people may have tried to say attaching a brush to a power tool is a good way to clean your brick, but all it will do is cause damage.

Avoid High Water Pressure When Cleaning Brick

When it comes to cleaning brick, it is important that you aren’t using too much water pressure to clean it as well. This can cause etching that will be permanent. If you’re ready to have your brick house cleaned, you can leave it up to the professionals at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to get the job done. We offer soft washing services that are the most effective way to get your brick house cleaned. Call us today!

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