Is Lichen, Algae, Fungus & Moss on your Roof Shingles or Tiles in Fayetteville, GA Harmful or a Problem?

Lichen, algae, fungus and moss often grow on roof tiles and shingles. They can rapidly decay a roof and make it look dirty and ugly. Most homeowners are unsure as to whether or not their roof is affected by moss or lichen or that there is any difference. In fact they are two separate problems that require their own treatments and cleaning methods. It is important to have either moss or lichen cleaned as the problem begins to occur or you risk your roof tile or shingles rotting and decaying. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share some information about lichens and moss growth found on roof tops.

Lichen Definition, Classification & Characteristics

First, what exactly is lichen on roof tops? Lichen is a tough symbiotic organism that is made up of two parts: one is an algae and other part fungus. The two work together in feeding and protecting one another. Lichens most commonly occur on tile roof tops and natural stone surfaces but another family of lichens will occur on asphalt shingles as well. Asphalt shingles normally develop blue-green lichen that looks like a cluster of spots. They will spread all over the roof top. Lichens on tile roof tops will develop on the top and edges of the tile. They will vary in color. Although normally greenish brown they will also appear yellowish or blue in color.

How to Get Rid of Lichen on Your Roof

Lichen requires moisture and shade to grow, however well developed lichen can survive in dry sunny conditions. In weak or younger lichen development, sunlight and dry conditions can stop further progress and even kill the fungus and algae. This is often enough to stop the lichen from spreading. However there are those cases where you can’t always stop an area from being shaded or wet. This is where regular roof cleaning is important to help preserve your roof.

Is Moss a Fungus? Definition & Characteristics of Mosses

Moss too requires shade and moisture to grow. Don’t expect to have just a moss or a lichen problem either. Both often coexist with each other. Moss often forms and grows on the surface of lichens. Moss does require its own cleaning method as well. To know if moss is present on the roof top, use a knife and scrape off a layer. Lichen lives within the pores of the tile and singles and can be easily scraped away where moss is more aggressive and grows much thicker. In addition, they have a grassy look to them. Moss will grow in hues of green and sometimes brown depending on their environment.

What Kills Moss on Roofs

Again sunlight and dry areas aren’t ideal for moss growth; exposing the roof to more sun if even possible may not kill the moss right way. It will take complete sun and dryness for months if not years to fully kill the moss from the roof top. At this point you might see that too much damage has already been done. This is why as moss or lichen growth starts to occur on your roof top it is important to have your roof cleaned.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

Remember both lichen, algae, fungus and moss requires moisture and shade to grow. Once you begin to see either one start to take hold of your roof top, clean it immediately to extend the life of your roof. Cleaning lichen or moss for a roof is both difficult and dangerous for the inexperienced. Seeking the aid of a professional pressure washing company is often recommended for these reasons. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning offers a soft wash to clean your roof. We also use a cleaning agent to help kill and stop the lichen or moss from growing. If your roof needs cleaning (and you know it does), contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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