Pressure Washer Safety in Stockbridge, GA; Injury Risk, Damage to Surfaces from Power Washing & More

When you are trying to remove caked on dirt and grime from an object, there isn’t a better way to get it done than with pressure cleaning. This highly successful form of cleaning can also carry dangers with it when you don’t know what you are doing though. It can be tempting to attempt to use a pressure cleaner on your own, but Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about some of the dangers that may come along with that choice.

Pressure Washer Injury Risk

If you aren’t well versed in pressure washing, it can be a danger to you. The amount of pressure at which that water is shooting from the nozzle could cause physical injury if you aren’t careful. The strong stream of water is able to cut through several different types of materials. Even when you are wearing heavy duty boots, it can cut right through them and cause injury to your feet. Your hands are also at risk of injury if they make contact with the stream as well.

Electrocuted While Pressure Washing?

Many pressure washers use electricity to run. When you are mixing water with electricity it can be deadly. You should also make sure that you have a grounding source, but even that can’t completely eliminate the risk of electric shock. As your pressure washer starts to age, the electrical cord can start to crack and cause more danger if those cracks make contact with the water.

Damage Surfaces as You Clean

The biggest problem that comes from inexperienced pressure washing is damage to the surface that you are trying to clean. It is easy to underestimate the power of the water stream you are working with. When you are working with soft surfaces like wood, too much pressure can leave behind a solid line of damage in its wake that will be irreparable. The same goes for painted surfaces. You can actually remove paint from the surface with a stream that is too strong.

Pressure Washing Chemicals

When you are pressure washing, it involves using some strong cleaning chemicals to get the job done. Any time you are working with chemicals, there is a risk when you don’t know how to handle them appropriately and with care. If you have any cuts or abrasions on your skin, it can cause serious health problems when they come in contact with harsh chemicals.

Damage to Windows & Shingles from Power Washing

If you have old windows or shingles, it can be easy to cause damage to them with a pressure washer. It can be a bad idea to pressure wash them at all if the windows or shingles aren’t in good condition. Without the right training and experience, you may not be able to make that call on your own.

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Before you attempt to pressure wash anything on your own, think about whether or not you have the training needed to do it safely. If not, you can rely on Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for all of your pressure washing needs. Call us today!

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