Pressure Washer VS Sandblaster in Lovejoy, GA; What are These Exterior Cleaning Methods Best Used For?

When you need to repaint a deck, the outside of your home, or you find you need an exterior surface cleaned, there are a couple of different cleaning options you can choose from. When you need a surface cleaned, the two best cleaning methods is with pressuring cleaning and sandblasting. If you are trying to decide whether to have your exterior pressured cleaned or sandblasted, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will explain the differences between the two types of cleaning methods.

Sandblasting VS Pressure Cleaning

Before we begin to compare sand blasting and pressure cleaning, it is important to know that both are valuable methods for exterior surface cleaning. When comparing these two cleaning methods, you will find that sandblasting and pressure cleaning each serve a different purpose. Depending on what your needs are, you may find that sandblasting or pressure cleaning is a better fit. With that in mind, let’s break down sandblasting and pressure cleaning to better understand these valuable exterior cleaning services.

What is Sandblasting Used For?

Sandblasting is most often used as a preparation cleaning. Meaning that sandblasting is most often used to remove old paint and stain from various surfaces. When you are planning to repaint a surface or refinish a deck, you always have to remove the old layer of paint or stain first. Before grabbing the stripper and sandpaper, seek out a sandblasting service. There is a wet and dry sandblasting method that removes old paint and stain and even smooths out certain materials while cleaning them. Dry sandblasting can also be used indoors and can help prepare a construction site for painting and or stain. Sandblasting not only removes stains and paint, but it can also help remove fire damaged surfaces. Soot and ash can be easily removed, washed clean and made ready for restoration. When you need a surface cleaned and prepped for restoration or refinishing, sandblasting is the preferred cleaning method.

Is Pressure Washing a Good Idea?

Pressure cleaning comes in a variety of different cleaning types. For example, you have a pressure wash and then there is a soft wash. Both are often considered the same thing, however there is a difference. When you need a soft wash or a pressure cleaning, it is most often to clean a surface in order to remove some kind of substance. Pressure cleaning can clean a wide variety of surfaces. Along with cleaning different material types, it can remove grease, oil, dirt, mold, paint, gum and more. Pressure cleaning is also a bit faster compared to sandblasting and is the better choice when large areas such as s parking lot needs to be cleaned. Pressure cleaning often doesn’t require any harsh chemicals as the power of a pressure cleaning is enough. Pressure cleaning is also idea for projects such as repainting the outside of the home. If you do not need to remove an old layer paint but need the surface clean, pressure cleaning is perfect.

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Both pressure cleaning and sandblasting can help in many different ways. If you find you need sandblasting or pressure cleaning, contact Big Moose Pressuring Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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