Professional Pike County Power Washing Makes a Big Difference!

Professional pressure washing is a great way to make a vast improvement in the appearance of your home and property. Having the outside of your home pressure washed makes a huge difference, not only in the look but it can also protect the exterior of your home and even make it last longer. A good pressure washing company like Big Moose Pressure Cleaning can come and pressure wash your home, property, driveways and walkways. If you want help in deciding whether hiring a professional pressure washing service is right for you, Big Moose would like to offer the following facts to help you make your choice clear cut!

Is Pressure Washing Safe for Windows and Frames?

Yes, while you are having the exterior of your house pressure washed, a bonus is the exterior cleaning of your windows and frames too. When your windows are pressure washed, it can help remove debris and dirt from the outside of your windows. If your window has dirt left on it for a long amount of time it can begin to cause weakness in the structure. When you hire a professional pressure washing company like Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, we will come out with all the proper equipment and knowledge on how to clean your exterior surfaces without causing damage.

Can the Siding on my Home be Pressure Washed?

Just about any type of exterior surface is a good candidate for pressure washing and can benefit from it when done correctly. Siding is a type of exterior that is installed using some kind of panels that are made from wood, metal or vinyl. Having the siding pressure washed keeps its clean and looking its best as well as removing that red Georgia clay and harmful substances like green mildew and black mold. Having any debris removed from the siding can help keep the siding from peeling or being eaten away.

Can my Driveways and Walkways Benefit from Power Washing?

Driveways and walkways are one of the best things to have pressure washed. Keeping the driveway washed off can help keep the neighborhood looking good and will add to the curb appeal to your house. Pressure washing can remove stains such as graffiti and oil spills. Another great reason to have walkways and other surfaces like decks and patios cleaned is to remove any critters that are hiding around the edges. Pressure washing can help remove webs, and homes of spiders, cockroaches and any other critters that are hanging around. And don’t forget boat docks and pool decks too. A slimy boat dock or pool deck is a slippery and dangerous one. Big Moose can wash away the algae and make it safer to walk on.

Professional Pressure Washing Service

When you are ready to have your home looking its best in Henry, Butts, Newton, Spalding, Fayette, Pike, Rockdale, Jasper, Lamar and Clayton Counties, just call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We can send trained and experienced technicians out to take care of all your exterior cleaning needs today!

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