The Real Cost of Homeowner Association Fees and Dues

Homeowner associations began with the best of intentions. Management was put in place to make sure that the common area of the neighborhood was taken care of. This also helped to maintain any gates, walls and fences around the community as well. However, HOAs have quickly turned into more of a headache then a help for many home owners. When an HOA starts to fine people for small infractions and raises the rates for all homeowners in the development, it can become more than an irritant. Especially when they begin to dictate the color of your home and if you can or cannot have certain kinds of blinds. HOAs also judge what is considered clean and not clean. They can send a notice for weeds growing or for stains and dirt on and around your home. When it comes to Homeowner associations in Georgia, there is a list of pros and cons that can help you decide on where to buy.

PROS of Homeowner Associations:

There are many people who would tell you that they love living with an HOA. The bonuses are that they can help keep the community looking its best. They keep the common areas landscaped and in working order. Having an HOA also has a way of allowing the property prices to increase. This is because the houses are usually kept up with landscape, paint and exterior aesthetics. Another way that an HOA can help is to make sure they help mediate any neighbor disputes that may come about. They can handle small arguments or disagreements that may occur.

CONS of Homeowner Associations:

Sometimes an HOA can take a serious jump towards demands that are just too outrageous. They start to put restrictions on what can be done to the interior of the home and have been known to put a limit on the kind of dog you can own; particularly the size and weight. HOAs also keep an eye on vehicles; where they are parked and for how long. They can even have a restriction on the types of decorations during holidays that are allowed to be used. Another CON is that each has their own list of what is allowed and not allowed so you have to do a whole lot of reading to make sure you know what you are getting into and that you aren’t violating any of their rules.

Professional Power Washing Can Clean up your Property

If you have an HOA and they are on your back about the cleanliness of your property you can count on Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We can come out and pressure wash the driveway and the exterior of the home. This is a great way to get the HOA off your back and to stop the persistent letters from coming your way. Contact Big Moose today!

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