Pros of Dustless AKA Vapor Blasting in Griffin, GA; Eco Friendly, Efficient, Easy Cleanup & More

The list of to-dos’ in your house can often seem to be never-ending. With work, doctor’s appointments, cooking, cleaning, tutoring, sports, and everything in between. You may find yourself having almost no time for anything extra. Having the opportunity to hire a company to help relieve some of the burdens you put on yourself to accomplish chores or projects helps tremendously! Suppose you have some antique furniture that was handed down to you. When researching various ways to restore the wooden furniture without getting damaged, you may have been surprised to find there is a process called dustless sandblasting. Imagine eliminating all the hours you’ve spent hand sanding different items such as old dressers, tables and hutches. Well, now there is an easier way!

Benefits of Dustless Blasting

Dustless sandblasting is a technique that pulverizes abrasive such as recycled glass and mixes with water upon impact to remove old paint and discoloration from the surface it hits leaving only natural sand. It is a process that is environmentally friendly, will not damage any of the plant life around where the work is being done and doesn’t require the use of anything from our already delicate ecosystems. It also doesn’t require the use of any harmful chemicals! This process allows you the pressure of the blast to be adjusted making it safe for antiques and does not heat up the surface like traditional sandblasting. Water cools the surface it comes in contact with, so it has no risk of warping wood and will not leave a residue or gunky film behind. This will leave your surfaces prepped and smooth, ready to be painted or stained.

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There are many more benefits this process offers other than just wood. Dustless blasting is also beneficial for boat restoration, classic car restoration, masonry restoring or even graffiti removal and asbestos removal! If your pool needs refinishing dustless blasting is the way to go! Thank goodness Big Moose Pressure Cleaning offers this service! I’m so glad I found these guys and learned so much about dustless sandblasting. They saved me an immense amount of time and callouses on my hands from the countless hours I would have wasted sanding and prepping my little projects. I’ve found myself looking around to find things that need touching up! My block wall will be my next project! The next time you need a little help finishing a home improvement project, trust the pro’s, you’ll be glad you did!

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