Graffiti Removal Options in Blacksville, MI; Repainting, Pressure Washing Surfaces & More

Graffiti is defined as writing or drawings, scribed, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall, or other surface in a public place. Graffiti is not art. It is very different from urban art, that is legal work where the property owner has given someone permission to mark the surface for creative, marketing or another reason. Graffiti can have a negative impact on the way your office or building looks. Customers and clients don’t want to see graffiti all over the building and they may get the wrong message about your business. Curb appeal is lost when the exterior is covered with graffiti, worse if it’s on the front of the building! Cleaning graffiti off buildings costs billions of dollars each year, and while anti-graffiti programs are in effect in many cities, it’s still a problem. What are some options you have when you need to deal with graffiti removal?

Prevention & Solution Options When Dealing with Graffiti

Repainting– You may be tempted to grab a can of paint and start painting over the graffiti. It’s a quick and easy fix and won’t cost a lot. Repainting may seem easy, but it may not be the best route to go. If graffiti is bright or dark, it may be hard to cover. When the paint is first applied you may think it worked but as it dries you may see it coming through. Paint will eventually start to peel, and flake and you’ll end up having to call professionals anyway.
Using Chemicals– There are lots of options when it comes to chemical cleaners and solvents. These will dissolve the paint and remove it from the surface. Using chemicals is best left to the professionals. They know which ones to use and how to use the safely. They also use them correctly, so the surface won’t get damaged. Your health isn’t worth the risk of dealing with these chemicals on your own. The pros are experts at removing graffiti and use chemicals that are good for the environment too.
Protecting the surface– Another good reason to hire professionals is they can protect the surface of your building as they remove the graffiti. The cleaners used to remove graffiti can also take the surface coating of your building and that can the dull the appearance. Professionals will keep cleaners on the surface and prevent this from happening.
After Graffiti Removal– Once the professionals have made your building graffiti-free, there are steps you can take to prevent a repeat performance. Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to create a nonstick surface to repel spray paint in the future. Coatings on the market are paint alone or a clear coat added on top of existing paint.

Graffiti Removal, Pressure Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge & Social Circle Georgia

Do you need professionals to get graffiti removed from your building? Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has removal methods that can be used on all types of structures, surfaces and fixtures. We can successfully remove graffiti you’re dealing with and restore the appearance of your building. For more information or to request an appointment for graffiti removal, give us a call!

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