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When cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home there is no better method then professional pressure washing. Pressure washing is fast and effective and can clean almost any surface outside your home. When cleaning the various surfaces however, it is essential to know what surface should be pressure washed and what surface should be soft washed. Soft washing uses the same pressure washing machine. However, it uses much lighter settings. It is essential to know what surfaces should be soft washed to prevent damage of the various surfaces. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share what common surfaces found around the home should be soft washed.

Soft Washing Wooden Surfaces

You can find wood used everywhere outside the home. You will see wooden fences, siding or panels on the house exterior walls, decks, gazebo, and pergolas. Wood may be durable and can last years with proper maintenance. However, when it needs to be cleaned, wood should never be exposed to a high power pressure wash. Instead wooden surfaces can be cleaned using a soft wash. A soft wash uses specific pressure to clean deep into the wood grain and removes the wood of all contaminants and impurities. Wood can be damaged if the wrong setting is used which is why it is recommended to use an experienced pressure cleaning service.

How Much Pressure for Power Washing Stucco?

Many homes and exterior features are covered in stucco, which provides a strong surface that is durable against the elements. However, they too should be cleaned using a soft wash. The stucco can withstand the force of a pressure wash, but again, the professional will use a soft wash.

Best Way to Clean Roof Shingles

Roofs that are made of asphalt shingles are always cleaned using a soft wash. Shingles are either glued or nailed in place. When a roof is cleaned with pressure cleaning, using too much pressure can cause the shingles to come off the roof. Shingles are able to handle the force of a high, but specific pressure. For those with asphalt shingle roofs, expect a professional pressure cleaning service to always use a soft wash.

Soft Wash Tile Roof Cleaning

In most cases all roof tops will require the use of a soft wash such as concrete, slate, and clay roofing tile. These types of roof often need to be soft washed to prevent damage of the tile. As tile ages they become weak due to erosion. Tile can break away in small or large chunks when they are cleaned with too much force. Even tile roofs may require a soft wash versus a pressure wash.

Can Pressure Washing Damage Windows?

Some pressure cleaning services will clean windows with a pressure cleaning machine, especially, multi-story homes. However, a professional service will use a very light setting to prevent breaking the glass. Often the lowest soft wash setting can be used. Glass will break if too much pressure is used which is why in most cases, hand cleaning is recommended for windows. In some cases a soft wash can be used to clean windows that are hard to reach or have severe water staining.

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Big Moose Pressure Cleaning provides soft washes, pressure clean and sand blasting cleaning services which allows us to clean diverse surfaces with unique needs. For quality pressure cleaning services for commercial and residential property, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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